Dune MMO survival game artists tease the Harkonnens

Several new Dune games have been in the works following the film’s successful release last year, with strategy game Dune: Spice Wars now in early access – but there’s also a Dune MMO game coming, and now we can -to be our first idea of ​​what the evil Harkonnens might look like in this game.

We’ve known for a long time that a Dune MMO survival game is in development at Funcom, the team behind Conan Exiles. However, in the past couple of years, we haven’t even seen a single piece of new Dune artwork.

Now two artists working at Funcom have revealed a detailed 3D model for a character called Captain Iakin Nefud Harkonnen. Although they call it “fan art” (quote their own), Rui Pereira is a 3D character artist at Funcom working on Conan Exiles and Dune, and 3D hairstylist Andre Pires also confirms that he works on Dune. Therefore, this at least gives fans a possible idea of ​​where the Dune game is headed in terms of character design – who knows, this captain might even appear in the final game.

While Harkonnen’s design is more influenced by David Lynch’s 1984 film than the 2021 one, Pereira says he “introduced new elements to give it a more modern vibe” while aiming for the “Harkonnen feel “. He says the character is someone “who encapsulates Harkonnen’s soul, making him decadent and battle-hardened but also smirking to say, ‘I won’t be defeated easily.'”

While neither artist offers a direct look at Funcom’s game, other than reconfirming it as “a survival game based on Dune’s IP”, this art is about the only Dune-related item to exit from the Funcom team since the announcement of the project. Hopefully, we’ll get a proper preview of the MMO Dune sooner rather than later.

As for Dune: Spice Wars, it’s currently in early access and just released its big multiplayer update with the fifth faction on the way this summer. We bet on the Corrino house.

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