Dota 2’s new hero Muerta announced at The International 2022

Dota 2’s Next New Hero Is Called Muerta, And The Enduring Revenant Is Set To Join Valve’s MOBA game in early 2023. The reveal is part of the ongoing Grand Finals of Dota 2’s biggest annual tournament, The International 2022. A Dota 2 Johnson Cave announcer pack that brings the Half-Life and Aperture Science founder of Portal 2 to the multiplayer game beginning of November.

Details on the newcomer are pretty light so far, with a short animated trailer showcasing its black and gold skeletal design. She appears to be wielding an old-fashioned pistol and turns to the camera, telling the viewer, “On both sides of the spiritual veil they whisper my name – and fear me far more than death.” Her entire body then flares up with a glowing cyan pattern reminiscent of Death Prophet’s ghost style, with several death’s-head spirits visible around her.

The only other details we get are the description offered by Valve. It reads: “An enduring revenant reveals itself with the promises of a ruinous account to follow. Pierce the veil between the living and the damned as a new hero – Muerta – arrives to haunt the alleyways in early 2023.”

Without any additional information, it’s hard to know exactly what role Muerta is likely to fill. The gun suggests she may well be able to fill a carry role, while the ghosts could give her an option to push towers or possibly be used to help take down jungle monsters. The description of her piercing “the veil between the living and the damned” suggests that she will likely be able to use her spirit-charged form, suggesting that it could give her options to move quickly around the map or avoid damage. .

You can watch the Dota 2 Muerta trailer below:

Waiting for Muerta to join the list of Dota 2 heroeswhy not check out our guide to Dota 2 custom games for more ways to keep things fresh? There is currently a Dota 2 Free Arcana on-the-go gift to celebrate this year’s TI 2022, although many gamers are running into Dota 2 unknown error 7 when they try to claim it.

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