Does Ghost of Tsushima’s God of War Easter Egg tease anything?

Ghost of Tsushima is just over a year old now, first hit the PS4 last summer as the console’s last big swan song before Sony focused on the PS5. The title received critical acclaim and was a big hit for Sony and Sucker Punch, giving the PlayStation family another bona fide hit in its proprietary line. Now with a Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cup Made available to PS4 and PS5 owners, a host of new content is available for gamers.

The most engaging piece of this new DLC is the Iki Island DLC, a standalone story campaign that adds a whole new location to the base game. The plot and combat are as enjoyable as ever, but another detail has caught the attention of many returning players. Ghost of Tsushima. There is a white tree on Iki Island with a handprint engraved on it that strikingly resembles the same tree seen in 2018 God of the war. Some have dismissed this as a fun Easter egg, but it’s worth considering if there is more than what you see.

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God of War Easter Egg Teases Something More

ghost of tsushima god of war easter egg shrine

Easter eggs and the marching band aren’t new to popular culture, with plenty of detail in various media for eagle-eyed fans to understand. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example, is littered with public nods to comic book lore or references to past films. Video game support is no different, as large franchises often feature nods to past games or other IPs.

However, there are occasions when these Easter Eggs have more of an intentional purpose to be placed in the game, besides being just a fun detail. For example, in 2011, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception had a newspaper with a headline on a viral outbreak, teasing the possible revelation for The last of us. It should be noted that these two games are PlayStation products, just like Ghost of Tsushima and God of the war. Sometimes these Easter eggs can be used as a smart marketing tactic, and with God of War: Ragnarok coming out in 2022 makes you wonder if it’s a tease for things to come.

God of War Easter Egg Might Be Just a Fun Reference


On the other hand, the imprint of the hand of God of the war could very well be all it was meant to be: a fun Easter egg. While it would be intriguing if it teased something more, it’s more than likely a nod to another Sucker Punch PlayStation series. In fact, these kinds of sneaky nods between PlayStation IP addresses have been happening for years, spanning multiple generations of the PlayStation brand. During the PS2 era, the Ratchet and Clank and Jacques and Daxter The series featured a number of thanks to each other in each title, ranging from little Easter eggs to unlockable skins.

Sony Worldwide Studios is made up of many subsidiaries like Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Sucker Punch. All of these developers create games exclusively for PlayStation platforms and because of this, have formed a camaraderie of friends over the years. These studios seem to appreciate the similarity they share and often use these Easter eggs as a sign of respect and celebration for other Sony owner teams. The integrated PS5 game Astro’s playroom was a whole homage to the PlayStation brand and its incredible history, literally filled with Easter eggs from start to finish. All this to say that although it would be a big surprise if the God of the war The Easter Egg turned out to be something more, with gamers playing Ghost of Tsushima shouldn’t think too much about this one.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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