DioField’s column details various types of objectives in the strategy RPG, including escort missions

Square Enix has shared new details for the upcoming strategy/tactical RPG The DioField Chronicle. Developed by Square Enix and Lancrase, this strategy RPG is a bit different in that it’s played in real time (with pausing), not turn-based. So it’s much closer to a top-down Western CRPG than the usual strategy RPG titles from Japan.

Missions in The DioField Chronicle present different objectives to complete. One of them is to defeat a specific enemy. Such scenarios will see this specific enemy supported by minions, but you are only required to defeat one person to finish it. Something to remember when you want to complete missions within the given time – there are optional objectives where you can complete the mission within the required time which gives you better rewards by doing so.

There are also defense missions where you have to defend barricades. These missions will require you to strategically position your units to cover the incoming horde of enemies. You can take a defensive position or attack enemies before they can get too close to the objective.

The last objective type revealed here might be a bit controversial, as it is an escort mission. One example has you defending a moving cart, while enemies place barricades and other obstacles to slow the cart down to attack. Your units can bypass barricades, so it is possible to eliminate enemies before the cart gets too close to enemies.

Additionally, the combat speed can be adjusted to be 1.5 or 2 times faster. However, the only way to pause the game seems to be when issuing commands for units.

There’s a The DioField Chronicle demo available now on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch, which may or may not give you a taste of all the mentioned objective types.

The DioField Chronicle will launch on September 22 on PS4, PS5, PC (Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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