Digital actor cast brings Shakespeare’s Macbeth to life in Fallout 76

With live theatrical performances largely sidelined during the pandemic, enterprising comedians had to get a little creative. Fortunately, there are a few ways to put together a play, for example by staging it in Fallout 76.

That’s what The Theater Company, a cast of Fallout 76 actors, has done to keep their acting chops nice and crisp over the past year or so. So far, they’ve used Fallout 76 to perform scenes from plays like Hamlet, Clockwork Orange, Grease, Newsies, West Side Story, and more.

The last performance of the troupe took place towards the end of October. This was a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth (otherwise known as The Scottish Play due to a long-standing superstition that said the name of the play is bad luck). You can watch the full performance above, which is approximately 45 minutes long.

A team member recreated the Globe Theater, Shakespeare’s original playhouse, which was demolished in 1644. Eight players performed together via local voice chat and often used Fallout 76 emotes or props to punctuate the dialogue. Most played multiple roles, with a backstage area of ​​the performance hall allowing for multiple costume changes.

It’s utterly delicious, and I imagine it’s quite a job to produce, perform, and record a piece like Macbeth, even with a suitable script (and shortcut). And even after having greeted, they have not finished treading the boards. The Theater Company is currently working on the production of The Nutcracker in a recreated version of the Bolshoi for the holidays. As they say in the theater, break your leg!

Thank you, Eurogamer.

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