Diablo Immortal bug leaves Lassal quest frozen in fear

An ongoing Diablo Immortal bug is preventing players in the RPG game from progressing through quest progression in Helliquary raids. Players are reporting that they are experiencing a bug with the Lassal the Flame-Spun quest, which prevents them from completing the quest after killing Lassal in free play because a required character is busy with another quest.

User WhiteSin reported the bug to Diablo Immortal Bug Report Forum, and many users have responded by echoing the issue with their own similar issues. WhiteSin says that after killing Lassal, the game’s first Helliquary boss, they are unable to complete two yellow quests because “the character on that quest is busy with another quest.” The Frozen in Fear quest, which pits users against the second boss Helliquary Vitaath, seems to take precedence and prevent the Lassal quest from being returned.

Another user, ECKoh, explain the resulting problem: “I don’t get loot every time I kill Lassal, while Vitaath is a much more difficult boss for which my power rating is not yet high enough.” Essentially, it looks like players who encounter this bug are unable to get their rewards for fighting Lassal the Flame-Spun, which is designed as the entry-level raid, as the Vitaath quest takes priority despite being much higher in level .

Players in the comments mention trying various methods including repeating the Lassal quest, using the option to unstuck your character, and even completely resetting the app to try and fix the issue, but to no avail. Given that Vitaath is a much higher rated raid, it’s unlikely that players taking on Lassal – especially those doing it for the first time – would even consider taking on the Vitaath quest to clear it up, let alone do it without getting rewards first.

It doesn’t appear to be a one-time issue either – user Nextasy comments that he’s having a similar issue with the Vitaath Raid, having “cleared Vitaath Raids 1 and 2 but the quest doesn’t seem to complete,” this which means the Gorgothra raid – the third of the Helliquary boss fights – does not unlock for them.

There has been no comment from Blizzard in response to this issue at the time of writing, but given the rather groundbreaking nature of this bug preventing players from completing one of the main endgame activities, it seems that this should be considered high. priority.

If you’re in the process of upgrading Diablo Immortal, keep an eye out for another Diablo Immortal bug causing reduced XP gains. If you’re thinking of taking on the Helliquary bosses for yourself – and hopefully avoiding the aforementioned bug – be sure to browse our best Diablo Immortal builds and our picks of the best Diablo legendary items. Immortal to prepare you.

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