Detroit Woman Says BetMGM Won’t Pay $ 3 Million She Won From Online Gambling Due To ‘Problem’


Jacqueline Davis says she is a gamer and has recently become addicted to betting at online casinos, especially BetMGM and her St. Patrick’s Day “Luck O ‘the Roulette” game.

FOX 2: “Did you play a particular number?”

“Almost all the numbers on the table,” she said. “I was losing a lot, but I was also winning a lot.”

Davis, from Detroit, says she started with a $ 50 bet – and then gradually went up.

“The maximum on the table was $ 5,000,” she said.

And Jacqueline started on March 18 and played for five consecutive days. She says she played all day and didn’t get much rest.

“Who sleeps when they make money,” she joked.

And making money Jacqueline was. In fact, in the space of five days, it had its ups and downs, topping $ 11 million. But when she finally decided to quit, she was in the lead – with a payout of $ 3 million.

“When it got to three, I wanted to start withdrawing,” she said.

At the end of March, Davis went to MGM in Detroit to get a $ 100,000 advance on his winnings. She received $ 100,000 in cash. Then she returned the next day to get more money, but she says MGM told her no and that she was not getting any more money.

“They claim there was a problem with the game,” said Davis.

His lawyer, David Steingold, said that while there had been a problem it was not a defense and MGM should have checked it to make sure it was functioning properly.

“They’ve been tasked by regulation to check this every night, every 24 hours,” Steingold said. “And my client played for five consecutive days.”

And Steingold questions the “issues” and wants to know how much BetMGM actually made on the online game Luck O ‘the Roulette.

“In other words, did everyone who lost money get the money back? Steingold added.

FOX 2: “Some might say you knew the game was broken. Really?”

“How can I?” Davis said.

FOX 2: “Because you were winning.”

“The object of the game is to win,” she said.

Her attorney said a settlement of some sort was proposed: Jacqueline could keep the $ 100,000 and sign a confidentiality agreement that said if this “problem” were to come out, she would have to repay the $ 100,000 and pay the costs. by BetMGM.

FOX 2 contacted the attorney for BetMGM in New Jersey, but he made no comment – and hung up the phone.


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