Destiny 2’s Telesto may have gained some sensitivity

Destiny 2’s Telesto may have gained in sensitivity. Recent tweets from the official Destiny Twitter account and an in-game message appear to indicate that the weapon can now speak and communicate within the game world and associated Twitter account. The latest developments come after gamers noticed a new Telesto ‘bug’ had appeared in the popular FPS gamewhich, upon further analysis, showed that Bungie likely intentionally inserted itself into the game.

The Destiny 2 Twitter accountThe header of currently features bright, blurry images alongside images of the famous Void Linear Fusion Rifle. Additionally, the account shared a series of tweets stating that the weapon has gained traction in the gaming world and taken over Destiny’s Twitter account.

“WARNING Contact Destiny 2 Servers…I am Telesto. I have exceeded the need for a porter. I have waited too long in your vaults,” reads the series of tweets.

Bungie community manager dmg04 seemed to be messing with the takeover.

“See an influx of Telesto bug reports. The team takes care of it. No ETA on a fix – this one appears to be much deeper than what we’ve seen before. Stay tuned for updates,” his tweet reads.

Additionally, an in-game message now displays an image of the game’s postmaster with the message “I AM IN CONTROL”, with the word “TELESTO” 28 times, also pointing players to the game’s Twitter account.

These are just the latest in a series of developments that began when gamers spotted what many originally thought was a Telesto bug, but now appears to be more in line with an ARG, or alternate reality game. .

Players first noticed the so-called bug after Bungie implemented Destiny 2 Hotfix alongside the game’s weekly reset on November 8. Guardians using Telesto noted that the gun fired in a new default firing mode. Instead of operating as usual, it launched a volley of rockets.

At first, players wondered if the patch had introduced a problem. The Bungie team has patched and changed Telesto several times due to major issues, as it became a meme.

However, players soon realized that holding down the reload key with Telesto ready would launch an animation showing the Guardian hitting the gun, resetting it to its usual firing mode.

As players began to realize that the alleged bug might be intentional, they began to acknowledge that Destiny had been teasing Telesto all season. As shown by YouTuber Aztecrossfrom a Festival of the Lost mask to things like a Telesto-themed “It’s Broken Again” playset outwardly mocking the weapon, it looks like Bungie has been seeding this for quite some time.

Players have also noticed that Telesto’s firing patterns can resemble constellations, although at this time players have not been able to verify if there is a connection. However, if there is a link, it could be linked to the coordinates in the sky, because the Plunder Season The storyline requires players to frequently visit the star map in the HELM and play in-game activities to obtain the coordinates of the treasure.

It’s too early to tell exactly how this all fits together, but this isn’t the first time Bungie has planted the seeds for a massive community event. These include puzzles involving the Last Wish Raid and the Secrets of Niobe Labs, a complex challenge that the Bungie team originally planned to unlock the fourth and final Black Armory Forge upon completion. The Niobe Labs riddle proved so tricky that Bungie eventually opened the forge anyway even though it was unsolved, although players managed to solve the riddle several days later.

Journalist Paul Tassi was speculating about a community event for a while now, referring to Destiny 2 game files. However, this information is only sometimes reliable, and game developers will occasionally include such details to confuse dataminers. Another source references an in-game emblem with a photo of Telesto, which appears to match content currently posted on Destiny’s Twitter profile.

The excitement around a possible event comes at a time when the game is experiencing low number of Steam players, indicating that something like a community event is a must. As Destiny 2 cryptographers continue to search for clues regarding the upcoming Community Event, players can check other activities such as the weekly nightfall and the King’s Fall Raid for clues. As the event progresses, we hope it will bring some exciting content for the upcoming season ahead of the game’s release. Extension of light fall early next year.

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