Deep Rock Galactic makes its way to PS4 and PlayStation 5 in January 2022

Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing announced that FPS cooperative mining Galactic Deep Rock will finally arrive on PlayStation 5 and PS4 next month.

The game initially launched on PC and Xbox in May 2020 after more than two years of early access. You play as a team of space dwarves who are tasked by the incumbent company to exploit alien planets. Of course, these aren’t desert planets, so they’ll also have to deal with a bunch of alien bugs and beasts while they’re at it.

Players can choose from one of four classes: Engineer, Gunner, Driller, and Scout. Each has their own set of tools and weapons, which they can use to both fight creatures and complete objectives. The levels take place in generated caves which can vary depending on the biome and the type of mission selected.

In addition to landing on PlayStation, the movement also sees Galactic Deep Rock launch a Performance Pass. This is a completely free version of a Battle Pass that offers a lot of free content and cosmetics. There are 100 levels, including challenges to complete and bonuses to be earned through performance points.

More updates are planned after the launch of PlayStation. Season two will debut across all formats at some point between March and April 2022. Developer Ghost Ship Games has offered a roadmap for what to expect, which you can consult here.

You can check out a trailer for the game’s first season, included in the PS version at launch, below. Galactic Deep Rock arrives on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in January 2022.

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