Death Stranding Beginners Guide: 7 Tips to Become the Legendary Postman


Death Stranding Director’s Cup is just around the corner! With plenty of new features, a graphical update, and PS5-worthy load times, this is a great opportunity to jump into the game if you haven’t had the chance before. Whether this is your first time playing, or if you’ve ever walked in Sam Porter Bridges’ boots, this Death stranding beginner’s guide will give you some tips that will help you along your journey.

Death Stranding Director’s Cup releases September 24. Currently, it is only released for PS5, with no news at the moment if it will arrive on PC. It is likely to be released on PC eventually, like its Standard Edition counterpart, but it will likely be at a later date. Owners of the Standard Edition on PS4 will be able to upgrade to the Director’s Cup for $ 10 at launch, rather than paying the full retail price of $ 49.99. Death Stranding Director’s Cup can be pre-ordered on the PS5 PlayStation Store.


While there is so much more to the game than the delivery system, deliveries are still a primary aspect of the game. Deliveries mean likes, and likes mean goodies and progression. You might think you like playing the part of this game version of experience points. Tastes make it Death stranding the world is spinning. It’s always a good idea to have a delivery with you at all times. If you are planning a trip to a certain area, bring cargo for preparers or drop stations along the way. If it’s not a cargo, bring building materials to help you build your own or another player’s structures.

I must like a well stacked loading tower

I must like a well stacked loading tower


There are lost cargo, building materials, equipment, crystals, useful structures and more absolutely everywhere. You can get extra likes by delivering lost goods to their intended destination, or even just drop them off somewhere else for a few less likes. This includes items lost by other players, which you can either use on your own or return them for the likes and gratitude of other real-life players. Scanning also highlights materials from all over the world, which you can grab and use for buildings. Placed buildings and equipment will also be highlighted, including items placed by other players. These will give you an idea of ​​where to go, as well as how to get there.

Icons and names of nearby objects are highlighted with a scan

Icons and names of nearby objects are highlighted with a scan


Trust me when I say collect every chiral crystal you see. They are extremely useful for building anti-BT items and other useful equipment later. They are also used in the construction of roads in the central region. Because of this, chiral crystals are probably the most important building material you can enter for the construction of these roads. Ceramics and metals are fairly easy to find, but crystals don’t come in large quantities and are usually only found in timefall areas. They can be bred quite easily in areas infested with BT, but you will need some good anti-BT weapons and patience.

These things are a golden color for a reason

These things are a golden color for a reason


Quiet or loud, the choice is yours. Emptying the Mule camps has many advantages. You will receive likes from NPC carriers who can now pass through the area. Plus, the Mule camps themselves are always teeming with freebies, especially in the central region. A lot of gear can be snatched from the Mules if you need to, but there’s always a load of valuable building materials, more typically at least a memory chip. Don’t forget to also look for Mule Mailboxes, which may contain even more lost items and merchandise that you can return for likes.

Make sure to keep a bolo gun with you when unlocking them, as they are incredibly useful for taking out mules without getting too close. Camps will respawn after a while, which means they’re a great source for farming building materials.

They forget that I'm the protagonist

They forget that I’m the protagonist


Once you get to the central region, you will come across automatic cobblestones that will build a stretch of road with enough metal crystals, ceramics, and chirals. This part of the world can get very rocky and delivering fragile goods or traveling by vehicle can become very difficult. Building these roads takes time and effort to collect the resources, but the end result is well worth it. Vehicle batteries don’t drain while driving on the roads, so it’s an unreal feeling to switch easily across the map! This will facilitate a lot of future deliveries to the region. Also, be sure to build a truck when you unlock them as they can hold over 1,000 pounds of cargo and make it easy to haul all heavy building materials.

Nyoomer on a freshly built road is amazing

Nyoomer on a freshly built road is amazing


This advice is less important, but you will feel more invested if you take the time to read some of the emails and character interviews when you can. This will help you better understand the story and the characters, which will help you understand what is going on in the story. Kojima has always loved its deep, complicated stories, and that’s one of the main reasons for continuing to play. Personally, I like to read them in the private room with music playing in the background. It makes me feel like Sam really has some free time.

Emails offer good development, even for underage NPCs

Emails offer good development, even for underage NPCs


You’ll hear it a lot in-game. It’s a great phrase that works well both for the primary goal of reconnecting the United Cities of America, and for the main part of the gameplay. I heard that a lot of people were put off by this game, especially in the first chapter in the eastern region. You don’t have a lot of options on how to deliver the cargo or where it will be, which can make things quite repetitive in a relatively small area.

Once you get to the next chapter and the much larger central region, you start to have a lot more options. You’ll start to unlock buildable vehicles, new gear that will make transporting goods a lot easier, as well as the boost the story really needs to get started. Not to mention the peaceful serenity you get when Low Roar music kicks in and you really soak up the surroundings. It is a very relaxing game that allows you to forget a lot of your problems most of the time when you are not stressed with Mules or BTs.

A journey may be long, but oh can it be worth it

A journey may be long, but oh can it be worth it


If you are using another player’s structure or placed equipment, take the time to give them likes. As mentioned earlier, tastes make the Death stranding the world is spinning. Structures that other players are building, such as bridges, watchtowers, generators, etc. can save your time and your life. The same can be said about other players when you also place a structure.

Even if you do it for yourself, you are helping other players. There is no competitiveness in this game, just fellow porters helping each other to make the delivery of the cargo a little easier. So go ahead, throw likes on that rope that helped you climb a cliff, or that generator that saved your vehicle that was only dying. It’s a great way to reciprocate.

I like to leave likes

I like to leave likes

Do you have good delivery stories? Or maybe you would like some advice on something specific? Let me know in the comments below!


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