Cyberpunk 2077 time may not fix, but its story is still worth living

Cyberpunk 2077 has been out for a year now, and its legacy remains the same. What was supposed to be the biggest next-gen game to date, a revolutionary milestone for the gaming industry, ended up being a disaster when it launched. While many players’ copies of Cyberpunk 2077 were plagued by bugs, glitches, and performance issues, some, mainly those playing on PS4 and Xbox One, were essentially unable to play it because textures and graphics couldn’t load fully and the game would crash frequently .


This resulted in a massive flow of gamers trying to get the game refunded, and all of this news came after the game had reportedly performed well on the last-gen consoles, according to CD Projekt Red. In short, the horribly unfortunate launch is likely to become one of the biggest news in gaming history and has damaged CDPR’s reputation. However, Cyberpunk 2077Performance issues are far from the only thing that has led to such widespread disappointment. After all, the game works considerably better for many consoles now, but that can’t change the fact that CDPR misled gamers in the first place.

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How does Cyberpunk 2077 work one year later?

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Cyberpunk 2077 saw a big increase in player numbers thanks to Black Friday sales, reducing its triple A price to a fraction of the original cost. Currently, Cyberpunk 2077 is on version 1.31 with 1.5 which should be the next major update, which should be released with the next generation versions of the game. The most recent update fixed many game and performance issues, and in overall, the game crashes a lot less. But the problem persists: gamers are likely to run into a myriad of bugs and glitches on the latest-gen hardware, even though it’s more playable than at launch.

Due to the Black Friday sales, Cyberpunk 2077 was able to achieve a very positive rating on Steam, which highlights several things. First, Cyberpunk 2077 has always been much less of a problem on PC, which can be seen in reviews released before the game launched to the public. Many reviewers gave a 7 out of 10 above, but virtually all of them received PC codes, and it can be presumed that this was done to avoid backlash due to poor performance of the PS4 and Xbox One. Cyberpunk. It wasn’t until all consumers got their hands on the game that reception plummeted. Ultimately, the best and safest way to play Cyberpunk 2077 is on PC. While playing (the latest gen versions of the game) on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S now have solid performance, they lack mods, and the modding community has done a lot to improve corners of the game and improve its overall experience. .

Second, the Black Friday reception of Cyberpunk 2077 shows that gamers are ready to play a buggy game, but not for its full price. The expectation of a $ 60 triple A game is that it should be polished, sleek, and smooth and Cyberpunk is not quite there yet. But since price often plays a role in consumer reception, gamers now feel like the game is “worth it” and are willing to dodge some bugs, especially for a very low price of $ 10.

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How CD Projekt Red misled consumers

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Cyberpunk 2077 It’s certainly not the only game to improve long after its launch, and it’s likely that CDPR will continue to fix bugs for years to come. But that’s not the only problem gamers observed when launching the game. Many took the time to analyze the features that had been promised before its release, and while it was only fitting that some parts were taken. into account for various reasons, it seemed to boil down to being cut for time.

There is ample evidence to support this theory, although the CDPR denies that this is the case. Comparing what was promised in the E3 2018 demo to Cyberpunk 2077the launch version of, a lot is missing. Firstly, the scene between V and Jackie was considered a cutscene, but it never appeared in the game. And gameplay elements such as weapons that were featured prior to launch never made it into the game. One of the most apparent cases supporting the idea that these were cut for time was optical camouflage cyberware, intended to make V invisible. At launch, PC gamers could find the item in the game by searching for it manually, but equipping it using console controls did nothing as the mechanic wasn’t ready yet. It was fixed in version 1.3, and it’s good that CDPR is slowly working to live up to its hype, but it goes without saying that they should have been present at launch.

That being said, it’s still not the only game to have a better reputation across the board. No Man’s Sky is the best known example. At launch it was seen as a disappointment of the same caliber as Cyberpunk 2077, but now it’s widely regarded as a solid game. So even though CDPR has exaggerated its game by announcing it too early and teasing the mechanics and features that weren’t included in the launch version, in the coming months gamers could start judging the game. without that context in mind and on the basis of its history and experience alone. Yes, it might seem a bit hollow and belittled in some areas, but the story itself is what makes Cyberpunk 2077 shine.

At its core, Cyberpunk 2077 has always been a strong story

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Cyberpunk 2077The story of is surprisingly dark. After V as they become a successful mercenary, players watch disastrous events unfold when sloppy work permanently binds Johnny Silverhand’s consciousness to V’s brain, and removing it would apparently kill them. V encounters various bigwigs to fix it while also meddling with the worst of Arasaka society, who believe V was half responsible for the death of his boss. In the end, V must make an impossible decision

Apart from its history, Cyberpunk 2077 features many prominent and memorable characters like Judy Alvarez, Panam Palmer, and Takemura who give meaning to V’s now short life and the player’s take out. Each ending is also carefully crafted.

Even though the development and release of Cyberpunk 2077 were problematic, the storytelling and writing that make up the majority of the game was recognized as skillful, although not necessarily perfect or masterful. Now that the game has passed its first anniversary, Cyberpunk will begin to see even more regular discounts, which is worth a try, although it may never be the game CDPR originally wanted it to be.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions in development.

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