Crimesight is Konami’s response to Among Us, and it’s now running a closed beta

Former Metal Gear publisher Konami has said he is returning to the gaming business, and it looks like he’s about to get started. Crimesight, its upcoming social deduction game – slash-tabletop-chaos-fest, is now running an open beta, and you can apply to join right now.

Crimesight is partly Among Us and partly Clue, with a big dose of anime play weirdness added to the mix for good measure. A player is secretly chosen as the murderer, and that person is also given a target to kill before the end of the game. With the help of an AI named Sherlock, the rest of the players must determine who is going to be killed and who will be the potential killer.

Again, Crimesight seems to borrow liberally from both the popular genre of social deduction (which it is squarely in) and some classic sleuth board games – in fact, it reminds us a bit of Clue: The Great Museum Caper, which had a 3D array and security cameras and involved a player trying to steal priceless artwork from under the noses of other players.

There are two ways you can join the beta. The first is to follow Crimesight’s Twitter account and retweet this post:

You can also sign up by joining the official Crimesight Discord server and following the instructions in the recruiting post you will find there.

Nothing we’ve said so far really captures how weird and Crimesight looks busy, so here’s the trailer:

There’s no set release date for Crimesight just yet, but it looks like it could be a good time – though it lacks the relative simplicity of Among Us, a trait that’s undoubtedly helped propel the latter towards fame. We’ll find out how compelling this mysterious AI-assisted murder game in the near future is when it finally emerges from the Neo-Victorian shadows.

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