Cozy Grove, inspired by Animal Crossing, now lets you kiss ghost bears

If you’re stuck looking for a PC answer to Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove is for you. This is a beautiful little life simulation game about arriving on an island haunted by adorable bear spirits, who all need your help to find peace. Thanks to the latest update to Cozy Grove, you can now give these bears a big hug.

Bear hugs are just one of the many new features added to Cozy Grove version 2.0, albeit the most heartwarming. There are now a few new characters on the island, namely Mrs. Carouse, who has shown up to kick off a celebration scheduled for some time in July, and Darla O’Hare, who will appear on Saturdays to sell clothes on consignment. . These include wigs that you can keep in your collection, so find Darla this weekend if you want to brighten up your hairstyle.

The update also adds critter catching, which means you now have a whole island of bugs to research and catalog. Mr. Kit will sell you a net for all your bug detection needs, and developer Spry Fox says this bug net (unlike some we might name) will never break. The selection of insects will vary depending on the season, so now is the time to find all the summer species.

If you can’t wait to kiss the ghosts, bear in mind that you will first need to hear everything your friend has to say.

As gamers already know, Cozy Grove works in real time and is designed for around two hours of play per day. If you’ve already played your games today, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the new features in the update.

You can read the full list on the official Spry Fox website if you want to know more about what’s in Cozy Grove version 2.0. Check out our list of the best chill out PC games if you need some more summer cool.

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