Close call: Witcher’s first game hardly featured Geralt

The Witcher as we know it might not exist today without a decision made a few years after the original game’s development. During a developer presentation at WitcherCon, CD Projekt Red quest designers Phillipp Weber and Błażej Augustynek revealed that Geralt was not meant to be the star of the series at the start.

Early in The Witcher’s development, CD Projekt Red designed the game around player-created characters, approaching the standard for RPGs at the time. Although Geralt is the central figure in the series of books the game is based on, there is a lot of distant lands and a complex story to draw, so it wouldn’t have been unreasonable to present a game in a new light.

“For the first few years, basically, we tried to make it so that you could make your own witcher, and you explored new lands, but then, over and over again, the question came up, you know. calls The Witcher, ”Weber says. “At some point I think everyone kind of realized, yes we want to be Geralt of Rivia, we want to be the Witcher. “

The discussion was accompanied by some early footage from The Witcher, featuring what looks like a custom character. Catch it below.

The decision was quickly glossed over as an interesting anecdote, but my mind immediately referred to a completely different reality in which The Witcher 2, The Witcher 3, TV shows and everything that blooms with Geralt’s unique charm does not exist. not.

Most horrible of all, we might not have Tub Geralt, and without Tub Geralt, what PC Gamer would have been. Would it still hold? Do I have a job here? I shudder imagining the header images we should find in place of our bath head.

But we’re on the right timeline, it turns out. Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher has a season 2 release date, and we’re assuming a real trailer is on the way later today. We will be watching WitcherCon throughout the day for more information, revelations and anecdotes.

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