City builder Surviving Mars is now a space train game

Three new user-created Surviving Mars DLC items will be added to the space city builder next week, including a new look for buildings, a new radio station, and the Martian Express – which turns space play into a sci-fi train set.

The first major DLC for Surviving Mars since the Below and Beyond expansion in September last year is coming to the management game next week, April 29 – in fact, there are three DLC packs coming, and they are all created by the user.

These “Content Creator Packs” are basically mods made official by Paradox. Martian Express is the culmination, made by modders Lucian ‘LukeH’ Hada and Sylvain ‘Silva’ Maupetit, which will add a fully functional train system to Surviving Mars. Players can build stations outside their domes, then use their space locomotives to ferry people and resources across the planet – presumably with all the usual in-game hazards and calamities intact. According to the websiteeven check a settler’s reason for traveling and observe their frustration if they can’t find a seat or miss their train.

The second DLC is the Future Contemporary cosmetic pack, which adds ten new building skins to give your colony a new look. The third DLC features an all-new music station, Revelation Radio, with approximately 70 minutes of new music.

All three pieces of user-created Surviving Mars DLC will be released on April 29.

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