Chris Redfield Gets Strike Power In Resident Evil Village DLC

Resident Evil Village DLC adds several new characters to the horror game’s Mercenaries mode, and Capcom recently broke down a bit of what to expect from some of them in a new one. PlayStation Blog Publish. There’s a lot to look forward to if you’re a Resi Village fan. Lady Dimitrescu takes center stage, playable for the first time in all her mammoth murderous glory, Castle Mistress Dimitrescu uses her talons to dispatch foes with macabre grace, and as her Thrill Meter reaches its maximum, she moves at amazing speed and deals even heavier damage.

Once Lady Dimitrescu’s meter reaches its maximum, she can summon her daughters to the field for a bloody good time.

Heisenberg also joins the fray, although that seems less fun (it’s Heisenberg, after all). He wields his massive hammer in battle, and he can create electric charges and magnetic fields to lure nearby enemies.

Chris Redfield looks the most interesting and even has a nod to the infamous Resident Evil 5 punchsame. Chris has an Assault Gauge instead of a Thrill Meter, and one of the ways he fills it up is by hitting enemies.

Whether it works the same on the rocks, Capcom hasn’t said. Once the gauge is full, Chris can use his Target Locator, a powerful device that triggers an explosion, provided you can aim it correctly.

The Resident Evil Village Mercenaries mode update is part of the Winters expansion along with Village’s third-person mode, so you don’t have to buy it separately. The DLC is due out October 28, just in time for Scary Day, but if you need more PC zombie games that aren’t Resident Evil to tide you over until then, you’re in luck. There are many.

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