China urged to close loopholes in online gambling restrictions for children


Loopholes appeared in China’s new rules months after Beijing limited the number of hours minors can spend playing video games, according to a Reuters report. A People’s Daily editorial said children were circumventing restrictions by buying and renting accounts on online trading platforms to play games for more than three hours.

The official spokesperson for the Communist Party of China said the government must act quickly to address these shortcomings in order to prevent dependency and ensure the restrictions are effective, Reuters reported.

China berated several big tech companies like Ali Baba, Tencent, Have I got, and ByteDance, pass one of the strictest data privacy laws in the world, Rod for profit tutoring, rift on celebrity fandom, and introduced pioneering regulation on recommendation algorithms, in the space of a few months.

Summary of China’s restrictions on online gaming

The Chinese government’s new rules have been touted as an effort to curb drug addiction among minors. Chinese law considers minors to be persons under the age of 18.

  • One hour each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Online gaming companies may allow minors to play games between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. At all other times, these companies should not provide games to minors in any form.
  • Real name registration must be ensured: Businesses must strictly enforce real name registration and login requirements for online gamers by ensuring that users register with their real name and government issued identification documents.
  • The government must strengthen the supervision of online gaming companies: Relevant government departments should strengthen the supervision and inspection of online gaming companies in the implementation of the provisions of online gaming services, registration and login with a real name, standardized payment, etc. They should also increase the frequency and intensity of inspections and strictly detain companies in breach. indebted.

In India, a demand to fight against the “threat” of video game addiction

In July this year, Distress Management Collective, a New Delhi-based NGO, sent a letter to the Indian government asking them to set up a censorship committee for real money gambling and violent gambling. He followed up his request with a petition to the Delhi High Court to ask the government to implement the demands.

The petition argued that children were becoming addicted to video games, which required regulation in the space. “Schools need to focus on counseling sessions and periodic sessions regarding the drastic effects of online gambling addiction. The petition also aims to highlight Cyber ​​Cell’s role in addressing the threat of online gaming addiction and the resulting monetary exploitation in some cases, ”the petition reads.

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The Delhi High Court ordered the government to consider formulating a policy to protect children from online gaming addiction and establishing a regulatory authority to monitor and evaluate offline and online gaming content while denying to impose a ban, according to Moneycontrol. We have yet to hear from the government on this.

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