China names Boys-Love online games to be banned – News


Chinese government warns companies that fail to comply will be severely punished

Asahi Television reported on September 9 that the Communist Party of China Central Public Relations Department had asked online gaming companies the previous day to strictly ban boys-love content and other “content containing false values ​​or illegal material”. Chinese authorities have designated the content with boys-love and “effeminate men” as “inferior culture” and demand its unequivocal ban. The ministry warns that companies that do not comply will be severely punished.

The Chinese government banned television content featuring “effeminate men” earlier this month in an attempt to uphold “official morals” and “revolutionary culture.” The concern of regulators is that Chinese pop stars who look and behave effeminate are not encouraging young Chinese men to be masculine. President Xi Jinping called for tighter control by the Communist Party over business, education, culture and religion.

China’s National Administration of Press and Publishing ordered in August that game companies should only offer access to online games to players under the age of 18 on Fridays and Sundays and on public holidays between 20. h and 9 p.m. Companies must also ensure that players use their real names and must prevent those who do not use their real identities from logging in.

In 2019, Chinese authorities ordered online games to be playable only for a maximum of 90 minutes per day and three hours per weekend, and those times could not be between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Authorities claimed that the restrictions would prevent young people from becoming addicted to video games. In addition, authorities limited the monthly amount minors could spend on microtransactions.

Source: TV Asahi via Yaraon!


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