Check out this fever dream from a hand drawn game

Compiling some 8,000 hand-drawn works of art, artist Alle Jong’s upcoming Sketchy Fables is a daring experimental game that clearly sets out not only to challenge visual conventions, but also the structure of a game. Described by Jong like a “comic that shattered into a landscape”, Sketchy Fables seems to draw inspiration from visual novels, art games, comics and cartoons to portray a world to be explored and discovered.

The game world has touches of surrealism, but at the same time achieves a kind of thick impressionism. Everyday objects like trees are imbued with movement, and visual boundaries are drawn with harsh lines and the type of cutout that would be seen as a flaw in more traditional games, but are used here as a tool.

“There is a main storyline, but nothing is what it seems,” the Steam store page says. Videos on Jong’s YouTube show current versions of the game dating back over a year. Sketchy Fables does not have a release date yet.

A gameplay trailer, released this week, shows the world on foot and inside a train. From Description: “In this gameplay video, the player jumps on a train and travels from Cybercity to Bird City.”

You can find Sketchy Fables on Steam, where it does not yet have a release date. You can follow the development on the official website

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