PS4 gamer – FSC Clan Thu, 24 Nov 2022 02:59:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 PS4 gamer – FSC Clan 32 32 Everspace 2 Gets Latest ‘Ancient Rifts’ Early Access Update Thu, 24 Nov 2022 01:01:02 +0000

Publisher and developer ROCKFISH Games has released the latest early access update for Eternal Space 2.

The new “Ancient Rifts” update is now available for the game, bringing back some fan-favorite elements from the original game.

“Ancient Rifts is a massive addition to EVERSPACE 2, showcasing the incredible depth and scope of what we believe will be the best space action game to release in 2023,” said Michael Schade, CEO and Co-Founder. by Rockfish Games. “We imagined Ancient Rifts to bring back some of the crazy mechanics and challenges and that ‘more racing feel’ of the first EVERSPACE that our space game fans loved. We can’t wait for the day when EVERSPACE 2 v1.0 is released. , offering a unique blend of high-plasma action gameplay, deep space exploration, plenty of activities, and an exciting campaign in a stunning zero-G environment.

Eternal Space 2 is available in early access since January 2021 on Windows PC for PC (via Steam, GOGand Microsoft Store). A full release is planned for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 in early 2023. The game will also be fully compatible with Steam Deck.

Here’s a preview of the update, along with a new trailer:

Everspace 2 Ancient Rifts Update

Ancient Rifts is an update that delivers on the promise of the 2019 Kickstarter campaign, where some 8,000 supporters unlocked significant endgame content for EVERSPACE 2.

Just like in the original EVERSPACE, where players could increase the difficulty of each run and choose handicaps between sectors in Hardcore mode, they can now level up Lunacy before opening a rift and choose a portal with different modifiers leading to next step to define their individual challenge. Of course, greater risk will yield greater rewards, such as higher Legendary drop chance and better loot overall.

As a challenging late-game activity of a fast-paced space shooter, the team wants players to jump straight into battle with an optimized build and unleash chaos on their enemies rather than camp behind a asteroid and choose one target after another from a safe distance. . So, in order not to be kicked out of the rift, pilots must maintain their resolve score in Ancient Rifts by quickly defeating their opponents and keeping their hull integrity above zero.

While ROCKFISH Games is far from done with this first implementation, daring pilots can also engage with other exciting content in the Ancient Rifts update, including revised racing events, new side missions in Union and Khaït Nebula, new jobs, new distress signals, new puzzles, and visual improvements.

Ships are key to the EVERSPACE 2 experience and player agency or expression, so of course Rockfish has also added some new features to play with. The Bomber can now become the Titan and the Gunship the Dominator with a new set of wings, and there are two new Outlaw units: the Raider and the Tormentor. A new device called the Front Shield Generator also adds to the variety of playstyles, giving pilots three working modes. Avenger reflects shots back to attackers, All Day converts blocked damage into weapon energy, and On Your Left provides a smaller shield that automatically turns to the nearest enemy facing the player.

The Rockfish team took note of pilots who were unhappy with the level scaling, especially early in the game. It was a challenge to strike a balance for those who like a tough challenge and those who want to feel powerful all the way, but the new system does just that. There are many layers to how the new system works, but instead of enemies constantly leveling with players within a given level range per star system, their progress will be tied to world progression. Whether it’s player level, main plot points, or entering a new system, players will be able to outrun their enemies to some degree. If certain conditions are met, previous game areas will level up in a way that will be reflected in the game’s story.

Read Ancient Rifts Steam community post for a deeper dive into the update, including a selection of legendary items to find in-game as well as a full list of all added features, tweaks, and fixes.

Scuf’s Universal Thumb Grips are great holiday socks. Mon, 21 Nov 2022 22:08:36 +0000

If you’re struggling to find a simple gaming-focused gift that isn’t just another game or console, these new thumb caps from Scuf could make the perfect holiday gift that the gamer in your life will actually use.

Scuf’s Universal Thumb Caps not only protect your controller’s thumbstick from wear and tear, they also provide a better grip for your thumbs, and the increased height makes it easier to perform precision character or camera movements.

As the name suggests, the caps fit almost all console controllers, including Xbox controllers, PlayStation 5’s DualSense and PS4’s DualSock 4, and Nintendo Switch Pro controller, as well as the range of third-party pads from Scuf – you don’t. you need to worry about incompatible fits or compatibility. The caps easily clip onto your gamepad thumbsticks, which is great if you only use them for specific games.

Scuf caps are available in one of three colors – red, blue or black – and three types of handles, and each package includes several height or shape options depending on the type of handle you choose. They’re also quite affordable, at just $15 for a pack of six caps or $20 for eight. Note that product availability may differ between certain color and handle options. You can see all available options at Amazon.

Thumbsticks from Scuf are a simple but practical gift, but there are plenty of other gaming accessories that would make great holiday gift ideas, like Hori’s new PS5 compatible keyboardthe Xbox Elite 2 Core Controlleror even these gaming chairs for sale on amazon .

The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you purchase something featured on our site.

Planet Entertainment ordered to pay damages for Cooking Mama: Cookstar, Fri, 18 Nov 2022 00:32:30 +0000 The legal battle initiated by Office Create, the developer behind Cooking Mama, against Planet Entertainment is experiencing a new development. The lawsuit was filed due to various issues with Cooking Mama: Cookstar. Office Create has previously stated that Cooking Mama: Cookstar was released against the company’s request and did not meet quality standards, with a PS4 version being released that was not part of Microsoft’s licensing agreement. origin.

After suing Planet Entertainment, the International Chamber of Commerce ruled in favor of Office Create and determined that Cooking Mama: Cookstar infringed intellectual property rights. Office Create is now taking legal action to remove the title from the marketplace.

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your sponsorship of the “Cooking Mama” series.

As we reported to you in April 2020, Planet Entertainment LLC (headquartered in Connecticut, USA; hereafter referred to as “Planet”) violated our license agreement and we released the Nintendo Switch version of Cooking Mama : Cookstar, which did not meet quality standards, without our permission, and started sales activities in North America, Europe and Australia. Additionally, in the United States and Europe, we began advertising for the sale of the Sony PlayStation 4 version of “Cooking Mama: Cookstar”, which we had not granted in our licensing agreement first. venue. In response, on March 30, 2020, we notified Planet of the immediate termination of the license agreement and immediately prohibited the use of our intellectual property rights related to “Cooking Mama”.

Despite this, Planet continues to sell the Nintendo Switch version of “Cooking Mama: Cookstar” without our permission, and even sells the Sony PlayStation 4 version of “Cooking Mama: Cookstar” worldwide, outside of Asia. It’s time to start.

As such, we have personally sued Planet and its CEO Steve Grossman in the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for the unauthorized production and production of the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of Cooking Mama: Cookstar. We had filed a request for arbitration requesting a ban on sales, etc., and on October 3, 2022, the ICC Court of Arbitration issued a final decision.

In this final award, the ICC Court of Arbitration found that Planet and Mr. Grossman lacked the authority to manufacture and sell “Cooking Mama: Cookstar” for the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions, and that the ” Cooking Mama: Cookstar was found to infringe our intellectual property rights.In addition, the ICC arbitral tribunal barred Planet and Mr. Grossman from any deceptive acts on the part of the company on the grounds of infringing intellectual property rights, unfair competition, etc. Sentenced to damages.

In order to protect the “Cooking Mama” series, which is an important asset, and to gain the patronage of our customers, we have taken all legal measures to withdraw from the market “Cooking Mama: Cookstar” manufactured and sold by Planet. We sincerely apologize for the great confusion and inconvenience caused to our long time Cooking Mama customers due to the illegal acts of Planet and Mr. Grossman.

The game has been removed from the eShop, but physical copies are still available.

Civilization VI introduces the Leader Pass Wed, 16 Nov 2022 03:20:00 +0000

Looks like Civilization VI players have more reason to start a new game and keep hitting one more round. Publisher 2K and developer Firaxis have announced the Leader Pass, which will add 18 new leaders to existing civilizations. 12 will be brand new to the series while the other six are “new versions of existing Civilization leaders”.

The Leader Pack will also add new leaders for the DLC civs, so these require an additional purchase of the Rise & Fall or Gather Storm expansions, the New Frontier Pass, or the other separate civ DLCs.

However, if you own the Civilization VI Anthology Pack, the Leader Pass is included for free. So you still own the Definitive Edition of Civ VI with all the content of the 4X strategy game.

Here’s the full leader list for all six Leader Pass packs. Italics are civilizations that are not part of the base game and require an additional purchase:

  • Large Pack of Negotiators (released November 21)
    • Abraham Lincoln (USA)
    • Queen Nzinga Mbande (Kongo)
    • Sultan Saladin (Arabia)
  • Large Commanders Pack
    • Tokugawa (Japan)
    • Nader Shah (Persia)
    • Suleiman the Magnificent (Ottoman Empire)
  • Sovereigns of China Pack
    • Yongle (China)
    • Qin Shi Huang the Unifier (China)
    • Wu Zetian (China)
  • Sahara Ruler Pack
    • Ramses (Egypt)
    • Ptolemaic Cleopatra (Egypt)
    • King Sundiata Keita (Mali)
  • Great Builders Pack
    • Theodora (Byzantines)
    • Sejong (Korea)
    • Ludwig II (Germany)
  • Sovereign of England Pack
    • Elizabeth I (England)
    • Varangian Harald Hardrada (Norway)
    • Victoria – Age of Steam (England)

Sultan Saladin (Arabia), Suleiman the Magnificent (Ottoman Empire), Ptolemaic Cleopatra (Egypt), Qin Shi Huang the Unifier (China), Victoria – Age of Steam (England), Varangian Harald Hardrada (Norway) are new variants of the same leaders already in Civ VI, but with different abilities.

The Civilization VI Leader Pass will be available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), Mac (Steam, Mac App Store), and iOS, with the first six-pack releasing November 21. Subsequent packs will be released one per month, with the last to drop in March 2023. It’s not yet known if the Leader Pass will be heading to consoles.

Fifa 23 World Cup 2022 update available worldwide Fri, 11 Nov 2022 16:33:16 +0000

The FIFA 23 The World Cup 2022 game mode is available now as an update at no additional cost. Fifa 23 fans can play as any of the 32 qualifying nations in a complete recreation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, from the opening game to the final game.

Fans will be able to play in a variety of game modes, including Fifa World Cup: Live, Your Fifa World Cup, as well as participate in a variety of new Fifa Ultimate Team campaigns.

From November 21 through December 18, Fifa World Cup: Live, an EA Sports World Cup experience, will be available only to players on Fifa 23. This live experience will update during the group and knockout stages of the tournament, allowing players to follow along with authentic fixtures and teams for every game. Additionally, fans can rewrite history live, changing the outcome of any past match and re-imagining the outcome in real time.

EA has also released 12 new digital covers of the FIFA World Cup, with Fifa 23 Cover Star Kylian Mbappé and soccer icon Zinédine Zidane highlighting the French regional coverage.

“I am delighted to be featured on the special edition FIFA World Cup cover for Fifa 23, alongside French and footballing legend Zinedine Zidane,” said Kylian Mbappé. “He was someone I always looked up to and aspired to be like, and now being on the cover with him is a real honor.”

Regional covers in other parts of the world include Jude Bellingham/David Beckham (England), Christian Pulisic/Clint Dempsey (USA), Kai Havertz/Rudi Völler (Germany), Pedri/Xabi Alonso (Spain), Joao Felix /Luis Figo (Portugal) and more.

Unique holiday offers enhance the Fifa Ultimate Team experience, with all-new FUT campaigns released from November 11 through December 23, bringing players closer to the action like never before. There will also be live items that will receive progression buffs based on each nation’s progress along the journey. Authentic team kits, stadium kits, visuals, match balls, dedicated commentary and more will transport fans to the final crowning of the world champion. Additionally, fans who play Fifa 23 by January 3, 2023 will receive two Fifa WorldCup Story Makers to add to their Fifa Ultimate Team.

Launching throughout the “World Cup Path to Glory” event, which runs from November 11-23, FUT fans can look forward to 30 unique World Cup heroes, presented in a custom hero shell World Cup themed.

Until November 19, fans can vote for who will win it all with the FIFA World Cup predictor on By making a prediction linked to their EA Account, fans will receive three limited-time FIFA World Cup Player Items✝ to add to their squad in Fifa 23 Ultimate Team.

Fifa 23 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Sonic Frontiers players struggle to hit 60fps on Xbox Series S Wed, 09 Nov 2022 01:02:00 +0000

sound borders is finally here as the blue blur speeds up on TV screens around the world, but the excitement has been tempered slightly for Xbox Series S gamers who are disappointed with the game’s performance. Ahead of launch, Xbox owners Series S had guarantees that Sonic Frontiers would run at 60fps, although they discovered at launch that the game ran at 30fps with no performance mode options to be seen.

This issue has affected quite a number of Series S owners, who have voiced their complaints on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit. Most of them say the same thing – that they are disappointed that the game is running at 30fps and they haven’t found a performance mode. Luckily, there is a solution, and it might just be a matter of going to your Xbox Series S settings and changing a few things.


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TheGamer contacted Sega for a comment regarding Sonic Frontiers performance issues on the Series S, and he explained that gamers can access their console settings to improve game quality. If your TV allows for 4K UHD display, that may be the reason why Sonic Frontier runs at 30 frames per second. All you have to do is go to your settings and find the TV and display options, find the 1080p option and turn it on. Sega says this should allow Sonic Frontiers to hit 60 frames per second on S-series consoles.

It’s not the most elegant solution, but it should get you up to speed nicely in one of Sonic’s best entries in years. That’s what our own Rhiannon Bevan thinks anyway, who described Sonic Frontiers as a “celebration of the heart and soul of Sonic” in her review, though she still clings to “a few old habits. “. If you want to read our full Sonic Frontiers review before you jump in, you can find it here.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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]]> Last Recollection announced for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC Mon, 07 Nov 2022 04:37:27 +0000

William D’Angelo
posted 7 hours ago / 432 Views

bandai namco announced action RPG, Sword Art Online: Last Memoryfor the PlayStation 5, Xbox series X|S, PlayStation 4, XboxOneand computer through Steam. It will be launched in 2023.

Watch the Japanese trailer below:

Read details about the game via Gematsu below:

A story of soul, of passion, and therefore of life.

If only… If only Kirito was here. If only Eugeo was here.

In the virtual world known as “Underworld”, which is nearing its final moments, a stranger adventure is about to unfold…

The demonic land known as the “Dark Territory”. On the other side of “The End Mountains” lies a harsh world where only the fittest survive. What awaits Kirito and his friends?

The story of a still unknown life begins.

The final moments of the Underworld, a world created to give birth to the ultimate artificial intelligence ALICE, are approaching.

The gate separating the Human Empire and the Dark Territory is about to open, and a war is about to begin.

At this moment, a black knight accompanied by a young girl appears on the other side of the door.

“Whether the world ends or I die, what difference does it make?”

Is it a calamity that will put an “end” to their tragic destiny impossible to change…?

Characters: Real World

  • Kirito (voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
  • Asuna (voice of Haruka Tomatsu)
  • Shinon (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro)
  • Leafa (voiced by Ayana Taketatsu)

Characters: Human Empire

  • Alice (voiced by Ai Kayano)
  • Eugeo (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki)
  • Bercouli (voiced by Junichi Suwabe)
  • Cardinal (voiced by Sakura Tange)

Characters: Territory of Darkness

  • Shasta (voiced by Hiroki Touchi)
  • Lipia (voiced by Sayaka Senbongi)
  • Iskahn (voiced by Taku Yashiro)
  • Dee Eye Ell (voiced by Yuuko Kaida)

Characters: original

  • Dorothy (voiced by ???)
  • Sarai (voiced by ???)

A long-time and passionate player, William D’Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was hired in 2010 as a Junior Analyst, rose through the ranks to Senior Analyst in 2012 and took over Estimates material in 2017. He expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content himself Youtube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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On February 23, Blood Bowl 3 will be available for purchase on PC, Xbox One and PS4 Sat, 05 Nov 2022 00:25:30 +0000

The long-awaited sequel bowl of blood 3 now has a publish window. The developer Cyanide Studio had planned the game to release in early 2021, but after seeing some early previews, they decided to go back to the drawing board. Our own Stacey Henley said that except for the gameplay itself, everything about Blood Bowl 3 offers a fun and laid back experience.

However, that was in 2021. Since then, Blood Bowl 3 has completed a second beta test, soliciting and receiving lots of feedback from its players. Ben Sledge said in May this year that early samples of Blood Bowl 3 had been greatly improved, citing cleaner menus, a less confusing user interface, the ability to disable distracting iconography, and the inclusion of an editor. training that would allow managers to create predefined games for their teams.

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Despite this, the most noticeable change from the last Blood Bowl 3 update was the significant improvements to the game’s customization choices. Player preferences can be applied to all aspects of the game, from other players to the ball. Unfortunately, a female character cannot be created, which is a shame, but maybe there will be a free post-launch update that includes her.

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The good news is that a new update has been released after over a year of hard work and dealing with player complaints. Blood Bowl 3 is now ready to compete at the highest level. On February 23, 2023, it will be available for the first time on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PCs through Steam and the Epic Games Store. A port of the game for nintendo Switch is still in the works, but its release has been pushed back indefinitely into the not too distant future.

]]> Every Old World Vault location in Biomutant Wed, 02 Nov 2022 20:15:00 +0000

The old vaults in Biomutant contain some of the most incredible loot you can find in the game. These chests are full of goodies, as well as a few ultimate weapons. There are eight safes spread over different areas of the map. Everyone is protected by their guardian deitywho is basically a boss himself.

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To access these chests, all you need to do is defeat these bosses and loot their bodies to access the trunk key to unlock the safe. This guide will take you to all eight vault locations. So let’s start with that.

Bricktown Vault

bricktown vault location

Make your way to the north of Bricktown. You will find the guardian Bling Sizzle fluff at the entrance to a road tunnel. Defeat him, collect the key, enter the tunnel and unlock the safe using the key to access loot and upgrade materials.


Unfortunately, no ultimate weapon can be found in this vault.

suburban vault

Commuter Vault Location

You can loot this safe if you lead south of the suburbs location on the map, more precisely northwest of the Urfidurf Outpost. The Guardian Schacky Trunknut will appear once you set foot in the grassy area between the two houses.

Defeat him to get the key and access the safe. You will find the ultimate weapon Sparkatron Hypicskromp in this safe.

Defeating the Guardian is one of the prerequisites for the Moog quest.

Safe from the indisposed place

Sick Place Safe Location

You will find the chest located south of Sludgegush Fields. Head there to unlock this side quest and defeat the Guardian Emerging Bulgtusk to access the safe key.

The vault entrance is near the north of the infected area. Move to grab the Ozarhypro Hyprozapper The ultimate weapon.

Smoke Foundry Vault

Smoke Foundry Vault Location

The guardian of this vault, Farty Bulbaplod will appear in the southern part of the Fume Foundry, specifically in 11G sector. After defeating the guardian, head south to gigantic sphere-shaped structures. You will find the Flurpskruckis Contagion The ultimate weapon from the safe.

Aerodome vault

Aerodome Vault Location

The safe is located in the northern part of the map, which you can only unlock after completing the Lobo Questline. Once done, head to the north side of Aerodome Island. Flightfluff Jetspurt is the guardian deity who protects this vault.

Due to the nature of this region being a hot zone, it is suggested to equip heat resistance equipment for better chances at the monster.

Head south of where your fight took place with the monster to find the safe and loot. You won’t find any ultimate weapon here, but there will be some useful items nonetheless.

Vault of Sparks

Sparkplant Vault location

You can find this safe in the cold area, called spark plantin the Fnackyfeuilles Region. Defeat the Guardian to begin the Sparkplant side quest.

To get the loot, find a building near the area where you fought the monster and enter it to claim your reward. You will find the melee weapon Knock Umph.

You must have Moog’s side quest active or completed for the monster to appear.

Chug Depot Vault

Chug Depot Safe Location

This vault is located in the northern part of the Yerpfields area, in Chug Deposit. Fight the monster Chug Swolwaft to get the safe key, then proceed to the semi-circle building.

When you step inside you will be confronted Tincan’s Tougho before you can interact with the terminal that opens the vault door. After defeating the robot, enter the vault to find the ultimate weapon Srik Gongmace.

Vault of deodorizum

Deodorizom Safe Location

Travel to the southwestern part of the Kluppy Duneswhere you will fight the guardian bold polliconey in Deodorizum. Defeating him will allow you to loot the key to his body, which in turn will unlock the safe.

You will find the ultimate melee weapon Pitcher Yrkum as your reward.

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]]> Fall Guys Launches Doctor Who Cosmetics Mon, 31 Oct 2022 19:10:00 +0000

Fall Guys is releasing a real Halloween treat that isn’t a gimmick, Doctor Who-themed cosmetics are now in, delighting fans of the series.

fall guys fans received a real Halloween gift; Doctor Who-themed skins are now available for use in the Blunderdome. This popular Battle Royale title has captivated a huge fanbase since its first appearance in 2020, when many gamers needed a fun distraction. fall guys really stands out from other titles in its genre, especially with the adorable candy creatures that players control as they battle for crowns and, of course, bragging rights. To fall Guys was developed by Mediatonic and was first available only on PC and PS4 before finally hitting all platforms this year.


The game featured fun crossovers, such as to add Star Trek themed skins during the current fall guys season. fans of the Sonic franchise could also get skins during a Sonic– themed event. And now another iconic TV franchise is getting the right fall guys treatment.

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fans who love Doctor Who will get a real kick from the next fall guys crossover event. Four Doctor Whotheme To fall Guys the skins are coming as part of a new event, “Tardis Treats”, which runs from November 1-5. Players can dress their character as the Fourth Doctor, Fourteenth Doctor, Thirteenth Doctor, or even a Dalek. Some of these cosmetic players will have to pay extra.

Doctor Who first aired on British television in the 1960s and has since attracted huge audiences. It’s no surprise that fall guys the developers would like to bring this popular series to life in the game. In addition to including popular TV shows and cosmetics, fans also had a crossover event with Destiny 2 back in september. Previously available skins, such as the Cuphead costume, have even been brought back to the game to give those who may have missed them a second chance to catch one. Fortunately, To fall Guys is available on all platforms, and every player can have fun and collect these cosmetics before they disappear.

As soon as the game became free on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, fall guys saw 20 million new fighters join us in 48 hours. There are still many other collaborations that players would like to see included in fall guys one day, and with the number of new titles coming out, the possibilities are truly endless.

fall guys is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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