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Wagering on a hockey slot machine is quickly becoming a popular choice for online casino players around the world, as it brings all the excitement, action and unpredictability of the sport into a safe and secure environment.

If you are a hockey fan and love to play, there is good news for you. You can immerse yourself in the world of popular contests and play your favorite from the comfort of your home. You can even compete against other players from all over the world while enjoying the matches of your beautiful team in real time.

In this article, the experts of the AUcasimile site will look at the best online casino games based on hockey.

why you love hockey

Although it may not be the most beloved sport in the world, hockey still enjoys huge popularity. Ice hockey is the most popular sport in countries like Canada, Czech Republic, Latvia and Finland. It’s a sport with fantastic moves, daring shots and stunning goals. players are always fast and active.

Ice hockey lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the online game with hockey themes. You can try your luck here and experience the excitement it brings.

hockey heroes

Hockey Hero is a top notch slot game created by Real Time Gaming, a company renowned for its amazing video games. It features 25 paylines and five reels and displays graphics of skates, pucks, beer, players, goalies and referees, as well as other hockey-related symbols. The most exciting part is that you have high winning potential every time you play, and 18 free spins are given to you when you enter a bonus round. You have a better chance of winning because a new symbol is dropped after each free spin.

Unlike other games, you get back 200 times your original bet if you use your free spins without winning anything. As a result, Hockey Hero is an exciting casino game that will not only get you in the mood for your favorite sport, but also give you the chance to win. This should help get a better response and improve your overall experience.

If you are a hockey fan who is just getting into the world of gambling, the best idea is to start by trying betting sites and online casinos with low deposits. Check out reviews from $1 minimum deposit at Australia casino 2022 to locate one. Investing a small amount of money will help you enjoy your favorite hockey game more because you won’t have to worry about losing too much.

hockey league

Well-known casino software developer Pragmatic Play has produced hundreds of amazing video slots, many of which have sports themes. This entertaining game is modeled like the NHL and is one of their most popular slots. Playing this slot machine will give you the feeling of being on the ice in front of a huge crowd and hearing thousands of fans cheering you on.

Good $20 bonus!

Although there are no real spectators to cheer you on, this game makes a conscious effort to make you feel as close to the physical world as possible. It helps you connect to the world of hockey with fantastic graphics and sound effects. You can also hear the commotion of an ice hockey game and the loud cheers of the crowd as you spin the reels. The unique “MVP” bonus round is another great feature. You will win 10 free spins when you land three scatter symbols in a row.

You can play this game for free or in a demo version if you don’t want to start playing for real money, and you can do it to see for yourself without taking any risks.

In addition to playing hockey-themed online casino games, you can also place hockey bets. It is easy to locate the best nj sports books in reviews if you want to make sure everything is safe and the betting site is reliable.

Break away

Break Away is one of the slot games with a hockey theme created by Microgaming. It features over 40 different logos. You can play it at home and on the go as the developers have made it accessible for mobile, tablet and desktop users. The sound effects of Break Away accurately capture the mood of the game. Nothing beats relaxing in the sun while playing this slot game whenever you feel like winter.

If you have ever played Break Away, a sequel called Break Away Deluxe has also been developed. You can increase your chances using substitutions by making the most of the enhanced gameplay in this release. Even though slot machines rely on chance, this one gives you the feeling that you can control your destiny.

Ice Hockey

There are several online slots and table games from Playtech, another outstanding software provider. Every fan will attest that ice hockey is thrilling and entertaining and takes on a more humorous aspect than the rest. It allows you to select your national team before the match, instilling a feeling of competition with your opponent. One of the many fascinating features of this game is the ability to use the puck as a booster.

Choosing the right online casino to play at is key, and part of the answer comes from understanding the options they offer. We advise you to read the opinions of the platform on NZcasimile, to see the best online casinos that offer this game with generous bonuses. This will help keep your funds safe while enjoying the moments.


Hockey is a game of speed, so any variation on the original slots game must be faster than just playing slots the conventional way. It is also a physical sport with a lot of action, which makes it an interesting game for roulette fans.

We think Hockey Hero is exceptional among the games listed above because it promotes responsible gambling with a maximum of three bets. It also has bonus rounds and scatter bonuses to lighten up your game. This could be the perfect solution if you want a fun and entertaining way to bet online while watching your beautiful game.

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]]> Big game companies get DHS help to stop gamers from becoming terrorists Mon, 19 Sep 2022 22:08:02 +0000

Last December, the United Nations warned of an overlooked but critical “emerging terrorist threat”: extremists radicalizing members of online gaming communities.

Despite great interest in rescuing gamers from such exploitation, experts say a lack of research funding on the subject has put the gaming industry behind social media when it comes to recovery efforts. fight against terrorism. That’s starting to change, though. Over the past week, researchers told Ars that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has, for the first time, awarded funding — nearly $700,000 — to a research group working directly with major security companies. games to develop effective counter-terrorism methods and protect vulnerable players.

The new project will run for two years. It is run by the Institute of International Studies at Middlebury College, which hosts the Center on Terrorism, Extremism and Counter-Terrorism (CTEC). Vice reported that other partners include a nonprofit called Take This – which focuses on the mental health impacts of gambling – and a tech company called Logically – which Vice says is working “to solve the problem of large-scale online bad behavior”.

The researchers summarized their overall goals for the DHS project as “the development of a set of best practices and centralized resources for monitoring and evaluating extremist activities as well as a series of training workshops for monitoring, detection and prevention of extremist exploitation. in playspaces for community managers, multiplayer designers, lore developers, mechanics designers, and trust and security professionals.

Rachel Kowert, research director at Take This, told Ars that the main goal of the project is to develop resources focused on the gaming industry. Her group’s ambitious plan is to reach large corporations first, then engage small businesses and independent developers for maximum impact.

Alex Newhouse, deputy director of CETC, told Ars that the project will begin by targeting large game companies that “essentially act as social platforms,” ​​including Roblox, Activision Blizzard, and Bungie.

Although funding for the project has just been approved, Newhouse said CETC’s work has already begun. The group has been working with Roblox for six months, and Newhouse said it’s also in “very preliminary” talks with the Entertainment Software Association about ways to expand the project.

Borrowing counter-terrorism methods from social networks

Newhouse said that within DHS, the FBI is increasingly interested in research like CETC’s to combat domestic terrorism — but, to his knowledge, no federal organization has funded such collection of data. Although his project is only funded for two years, Newhouse wants to push the gaming industry within five years to implement the same counter-extremism standards that social media platforms already have.

“I want game developers, especially the big ones like Roblox and Microsoft, to have teams dedicated to counter-extremism in games,” Newhouse told Ars. “Nowadays, we also have to push to be as sophisticated on the games industry side.”

Newhouse plans to use his experience to help tech giants like Google and Facebook organize counterterrorism teams. He says CTEC’s biggest priority is to convince the gaming industry to invest in the proactive moderation of extremist content by “implementing increasingly sophisticated proactive detection and moderation systems” that social networks also use. .

Historically, Newhouse said game companies have relied primarily on gamers to flag extremist content for moderation. That’s not a good enough strategy, he said, because radicalization often works by boosting a gamer’s self-esteem, and people manipulated into viewing this type of online engagement as positive don’t report often not these radicalizing events themselves. By relying strictly on user reports, game companies “won’t detect anything at the initial level of recruitment and radicalization,” he said.

An associate director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society, Daniel Kelley, told Ars that online game companies are about 10 years behind social media companies in flagging this issue as critical. .

Limited funding for efforts to counter online gambling extremism

Kowert of Take This first became interested in the link between online gaming communities and real-world violent extremism after encountering a 2019 nationally representative survey from the ADL. It was found that almost one in four respondents “were exposed to extremist white supremacist ideology in online games”. Newhouse said that estimate is “probably too conservative at this point.”

Still, ADL said “evidence of widespread extremist recruitment or organizing in online gaming environments (such as in Fortnite or other popular titles) remains anecdotal at best, and further research is needed before any large-scale assertion can be made”.

Today, the research base remains limited, but it has become clear that the problem does not only affect adults. When the ADL expanded its survey in 2021 to nearly 100 million respondents, the survey for the first time included young players between the ages of 13 and 17. ADL found that 10% of young gamers were “exposed to white supremacist ideologies in the context of online multiplayer games.”

Kowert immediately responded to the 2019 ADL report by pivoting its research and partnering with Newhouse. She told Ars that the reason there is so little research is because there is so little funding.

Kelley told Ars that while it’s good to finally see research receive funding, the ADL recommends that the government inject a lot more funding to nip the problem in the bud. “Now is not the time to back things up with instant funds,” Kelley said. “There’s a lot more the Justice Department needs to do to fund these kinds of efforts.”

The gaming industry remains oblivious

Kowert told Ars that game companies have “legitimately” remained “unaware of the scale of the problem” of extremism on their platforms, mainly because they view themselves as gaming platforms first and as games second. social platforms. Newhouse agreed.

“It’s very, very clear in our conversations with the video game industry that they’re not fully aware of the emerging problem they have on their hands,” Newhouse told Ars.

According to Kelley, it’s not just social media counterterrorism efforts that gaming networks need to embrace; gaming companies could also become safer if there were regulations such as those requiring social media companies to publish transparency reports. The only game company Kelley ever saw release a transparency report was a small company called Wildlife Studios, which released its first report this year.

“2022 is the first time we’ve received transparency reports from a game company,” Kelley told Ars. “And it’s not from one of the majors. It’s not from EA. It’s not from Riot. It’s not from Blizzard.

None of the major online game companies mentioned here immediately responded to Ars’ request for comment. Kelley said Roblox is the only major game company to have a public policy of online extremism.

Part of the problem with video game companies neglecting the issue, Kowert says, may be the large research base that disproves that online video game content has a direct impact on players’ sensitivity to extremism.

The American Psychological Association told Ars that its 2020 report that video games do not incite violent behavior is still its most recent statement. But Kowert says focusing discussions on video game content “hampers the conversation.” There needs to be more focus on how players are socially harmed by extremists during gameplay.

Kelley says CETC’s research is an important first step toward greater government involvement in this issue, but that even bringing the gaming industry up to social media standards may be a low bar.

“I think the social media industry still has a long way to go before we have really solid transparency,” Kelley said.

ADL recommends that online gaming companies go even further than social platforms when it comes to transparency. ADL wants video game companies to audit and include metrics on “extremism and toxicity in games in the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s game rating systems.”

More transparency is exactly what researchers focused on extremism in online gambling communities need, Newhouse said, because research is also limited by publicly available information. However, game companies do not always cooperate enthusiastically with researchers. When Newhouse contacts game companies, he said, sharing data is not their instinct and, in general, they should be scared to cooperate with user protection efforts.

“In all honesty, we usually have to scare companies into listening to us,” Newhouse told Ars.

Texas vs UTSA live stream, watch online, tv channel, kick off time, football match odds, prediction Sun, 18 Sep 2022 02:59:00 +0000

Texas has plenty of reason to be optimistic about its improvement under second-year coach Steve Sarkisian after its closer-than-expected 20-19 loss to Alabama last weekend. That, of course, bumped the Crimson Tide from No. 1 to No. 2 in the AP Top 25 rankings. But the No. 21 Longhorns have little time to relax as a Week 3 game with UTSA , the favorite to win the American Conference title, awaits Saturday. The Roadrunners head to Austin, TX and look more than ready to provide another tough non-conference challenge for Texas in front of their fans.

It’s not often that teams lose a game and jump up the AP Top 25 poll, but that’s exactly what happened in Texas this week. The Longhorns defense held then-No. 1 Alabama in check for most of the game, and if it hadn’t been for starting quarterback Quinn Ewers leaving the game with an injury and substitute Hudson Card dealing with a nagging injury, they could have created an upset surprising. With Ewers out for at least a few weeks, Card’s status is something to watch as kickoff draws closer to UTSA.

In the first two games of the season, the Roadrunners have done nothing but play white-knuckle thrillers. UTSA went to overtime with Houston and Army with a loss to the former and a win over the latter. The Roadrunners could potentially make things interesting in Austin this weekend.

Here’s how fans can tune into that intriguing in-state matchup between the Longhorns and Roadrunners on Saturday.

How to watch Texas vs. UTSA live

Date: Saturday September 17 | Time: 8 p.m. ET
Location: Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium — Austin, Texas
TV: Longhorn Network | Direct: ESPN app (cable subscription required)

Three players to watch

Hudson, Texas QB Card: Card replaced Ewers in Texas’ loss to Alabama, and he had to battle an ankle injury. He played well enough to keep the Longhorns in the contest, but he was clearly hampered. Considering Card plays well when he can move, it will be interesting to see how well that ankle holds up in what will be a tricky test against UTSA. If the peg still limits Card, this game has the potential to get interesting.

Frank Harris, UTSA QB: Harris is the engine that drives this Roadrunners offense forward. In two games, Harris completed 68.2% of his passes for 696 yards, six touchdowns and just one interception. Harris also has the ability to impact the game with his legs, currently leading UTSA with 93 rushing yards. A dual-threat signalman like Harris could be a handful for the Texas defense, even after an impressive performance against the Crimson Tide.

DeMarvion Overshown, Texas LB: One of the players Texas will rely on to make sure Harris doesn’t do too much damage is Overshown. He recorded five tackles against Alabama and leads the team with 13 total. A fifth-year senior, Overshown is the leader of this Longhorns defense, and he’ll need to be all over the field in order to slow down a Roadrunners offense that is averaging 38 points per game early on.

Prediction Texas vs UTSA

Featured Game | Texas Longhorns vs. UTSA Roadrunners

It’s a potential trick game for the Longhorns, but I think they got the win. Card’s status makes me reluctant to consider Texas a 12.5-point favorite. Card is at his best when playing with his legs, and the ankle injury could limit that part of his game. Big 12. Texas take the win but the Roadrunners cover. Prediction: UTSA +12.5

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GTA Online RP streamer gets arrested by NoPixel Police in-game in hilarious clip Fri, 16 Sep 2022 22:16:30 +0000

Twitch streamer UberHaxorNova caused quite a scene after riots and attacks on police forces during a GTA Online RP session.

GTA Online RP servers have become a staple of the Twitch community, with many popular streamers like xQc and Valkyrae joining massive servers with other influencers.

The fun aspect of the GTA RP servers comes from the fact that each member stays in character and takes their role as seriously as possible, despite the chaotic nature of the game.

This caused a hilarious situation with popular Twitch streamer James “UberHaxorNova” Wilson attempting to take on the entire NoPixel Police force in a GTA RP session, ending in total failure.

UberHaxorNova takes on the police force in GTA RP

The incident happened during UberHaxorNova’s Twitch stream on September 15, 2022 on the NoPixel GTA RP server.

Nova, playing her character named Siz Fulker who acts as a high-profile crime lord and leader of the Tang Gang, was called into a meeting by another streamer playing the character Dom Toretti, who acts as a local sheriff.

In NoPixel’s RP lore, Fulker and Toretti have a long, antagonistic relationship, as is natural for a crime lord and police chief.

Nova as Fulker rode to the police garage on a motorcycle to speak with Toretti, who opened the door to meet the crime lord outside.

After Toretti asks, “What do you want?” Fulker responded by saying, “You know what I want and stormed the police garage full of armed officers.

Quickly realizing he was stuck in the garage with no escape, Nova shouted “I’m going to jail!” before crashing his motorcycle.

After trying to flee the garage, Nova is swarmed by the police who try to arrest him. Despite somewhat valiant efforts to fight back, Nova is eventually arrested and sent to prison.

The rest of the stream shows Nova as Fulker is sent to prison, forms a gang in prison, and then escapes.

While UberHaxorNova’s antics ended in failure, it shows exactly why NoPixel’s GTA RP streams still have such a large following today.

Manchester City 2 – 1 Borussia Dortmund: summary, score, goals, highlights, Champions League 2022-23 Wed, 14 Sep 2022 22:37:56 +0000

Man City vs Dortmund: match report

Erling Haaland picked up an outrageous 84th-minute winner against his former club Borussia Dortmund as Manchester City came from behind with two late goals to seal a 2-1 win in Champions League Group G on Wednesday .

The Norwegian has now scored 13 goals in eight games since leaving the Bundesliga club and his last was a brilliant finish as he jumped to bring home a wonderful cross with the outside of his boot by Joao Cancelo.

The ball was almost beyond Haaland as he leapt off the ground to reach a cross that most players would have tried to hit with their right foot.

But the towering blonde striker isn’t like most players and he snagged the ball with the outside of his left foot into Dortmund’s goal, prompting amazed roar from the home crowd.

There was something inevitable about the 22-year-old, who scored 86 goals in 89 appearances for Dortmund, deciding the result, but it was a surprise how hard City had struggled for nearly an hour.

Pep Guardiola opted to rotate his squad a bit and his players struggled to find their usual pace and ease in a boring 45-minute opener.

The German defense had dealt with City’s pedestrian play, neither Jack Grealish nor Riyad Mahrez getting much joy on the wings.

The the first real chance came in the 52nd minute and it fell on Dortmund with Marco Reus bustling in from the left but he recovered his shot away from the far post.

Reus was more accurate, however, four minutes later when a corner kick hit him deep in the penalty area and he sent a ball back into the box for the England international. Jude Bellingham passes Ederson.

Guardiola was preparing a triple change when the goal was scored and he quickly introduced Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden and Julian Alvarez.

The trio provided the desired impact – adding the missing pace and inventiveness to City’s forward play, but when they equalized in the 80th minute it was through a defender.

Kevin De Bruyne played the ball inside to John Stones who launched a ferocious drive past Alexander Meyer from outside the box.

The momentum was with City and all of Dortmund’s efforts to neutralize Haaland counted for nothing when Cancelo produced his magic cross and the Norwegian his full stretch.


Goldeneye is coming to Switch Online alongside other games Tue, 13 Sep 2022 14:32:53 +0000

Interested in knowing what’s next for the gaming industry? Join gaming executives to discuss emerging parts of the industry in October at GamesBeat Summit Next. Register today.

Nintendo has announced the latest batch of games coming to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The new games are all Nintendo 64 titles, including one of its most famous games: Goldeneye.

Nintendo didn’t give a release date for Goldeneye, saying it’s “coming soon” for online play. Presumably, its famous multiplayer will be available for Switch Online subscribers.

The other games revealed for Nintendo Switch Online are:

  • Pilot Wings 64
  • Mario Party 2
  • Mario Party 3
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Pokemon Stage 2
  • Excitebike 64
  • 1080 Snowboarding

The first three games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online players this year, while the rest will launch next year.

The GamesBeat creed when covering the video game industry is “where passion meets business”. What does it mean? We want to tell you how much the news means to you, not only as a decision maker in a game studio, but also as a game fan. Whether you read our articles, listen to our podcasts, or watch our videos, GamesBeat will help you learn about and engage with the industry. Discover our Briefings.

Top 6 Online Casino Games You Should Try Sun, 11 Sep 2022 23:09:37 +0000

Casino games are something everyone has heard of, but only a small portion of people know about them. This creates a very strange relationship that the general public, especially children, have with casino games. By making them so vague, it makes casino games more attractive because of the taboo. It is important to be well educated on these casino games, so that you know what you are getting into.

By knowing these games, you know what to expect from each of them. This way, you can choose the game that you would most like to try. Or if you don’t like games, you can choose not to play them or enter a casino. It’s about disseminating knowledge, so everyone can benefit from a good flow of information. Here are the best online casino games and their brief explanations.

  1. Roulette

Roulette is the number one game associated with casinos, especially online ones. When choosing an online casino with roulette games, you want to make sure it is under A.A.M. casino guidelines and thus make it fair. Roulette is a game strictly based on luck, and you want it to remain objectively lucky. Some websites make roulette games a bit rigged, so you end up losing more money than the simple RNG would let you.

When playing roulette, you want to stay calm and make rational decisions, just like with any casino game. It means not getting angry because you almost chose a winning number, and you choose that one again. If you see that roulette is not working so well, it is better to try your luck another time. That’s why it’s important to play the online versions that have a bankroll option so you don’t get carried away.

2. Slots

Slots are another excellent casino game that is also purely based on luck. That’s why you also want to be careful which site you play slots on, so that you don’t get robbed. Many websites rig the game, so you win the first two times. It will give you more confidence and you might think you have a fortunate hand. That’s when the losses come in, but you’re confident the next one is going to hit hard.

Unfortunately, if the website isn’t legit, you’re in for a real mind game. That’s why it’s important to play websites with objective RNG so you can get real experience. The same rules apply as in roulette, do not give in to temptation. Try it several times, but if you keep losing, drop the slot machine. There are many other games where you can test not only your luck but also your skills in online games.

3. Baccarat

If you want a purely luck-based card game, baccarat is the game you should be playing. Some people prefer dice, certain machines and certain cards. Here, the winner with the luckiest draw wins all. It’s a fairly simple game, and baccarat is great when played online. The cards look much better when you play the online version of baccarat.

Card games are most easily rigged when played in person at a casino. By playing it online, on a secure site, you can get much more objective draws. Therefore, you can get much safer wins, but again, you can lose if your opponent gets a better draw. So there is also a certain competitive aspect to baccarat which also brings excitement.


black jack is considered a casino game that can be won entirely on skill. Sure, you can win with luck, but it’s much more fun to play with understanding. In fact, it’s common that if a dealer sees you have the skill, they can knock you off the table. When you play online, you don’t have to worry about obnoxious dealers and their moves.

You can just focus on the game and have a lot more fun with the cards. Besides fun, if you really know the game, you can win money. It’s not that hard to learn, many people have mastered the game of blackjack to perfection. By reading these guides, you too can make the most of the fun and handsome gains you can boast of.

5. Texas hold’em poker

The all-time poker game, Texas Hold’em, is a classic that everyone knows something about. Everyone has played it at one time or another, maybe not for real money, but the excitement is worth it.

The online version is especially great because you don’t have to bother with very rude players in person. Although much of poker is made up of mind games, sometimes it’s best to play without them. In fact, trying to search for clues in other people just from a screen adds a new layer of complexity to the game.

6. Craps

If you want more dice variety, craps is a great online casino game. Craps is very similar to roulette, but with a few extra rules. The additional rules make the game much more sophisticated and thus add more flavor. For people who are looking for something different from classic roulette, craps is particularly interesting for online players.

It is important to take a look at these games both in person and online. Online games are generally considered less than the real deal, the real casino experience. But is that really the whole truth when it comes to these games? Of course, everyone has their preferences, some will like online games, others will not. The important thing is that everyone has an equal chance to test these games.

By knowing what these games are about, you can know whether you want to give them a chance or not. Knowing that online versions exist, and that they have pros and cons, you are objective. It is important to be objective with such things in life, especially in online casino games. Even more important is to be safe and not make stupid decisions when playing online casino games.

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2022 Game Devs Of Color Expo Online Reveal Full Schedule Sat, 10 Sep 2022 22:12:13 +0000


The organizers of Game Devs Of Color Expo Online 2022 have revealed the full schedule of what you can expect to see at the event. The event will take place entirely online from September 15-19, as they will once again host a series of talks, panel discussions, and interviews with a variety of game developers from around the world. Day one will feature a number of new game announcements, which will be featured on their YouTube channel after the initial presentation.

They’ll also be hosting a special Steam event called Gradient Convergence, which is expected to highlight and promote a number of game demos and discounts, a list of which you can find here. The event will also culminate in an awards ceremony, where they will hand out nearly $90,000 in development grants as a New York-based color developer wins the $15,000 Made in NY grant, while three others will receive the Game Devs of Color Expo Grant, valued at $25,000 each. This is the must-attend event for any color developer who wants to learn from those who are already doing it for a living. You can still get tickets to attend at the link above.

Credit: Game Devs Of Color

Join us for our 7th Annual Color Game Developer Celebration, coming to your screen September 15-18, 2022! Every day offers a variety of new voices, games and experiences. We’ll connect you with an uplifting community of creators from around the world. Be the first to discover the latest analog and digital experiences from a range of creators around the world! Hear from indie creators and industry veterans as they share an assortment of compelling stories and presentations spanning game design, marketing and more. Connect and connect with the Game Devs of Color community from all corners of the industry. As a participant, you will be able to network with potential collaborators, recruiters and editors during our networking day on Thursday, September 15.

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Why online gambling is hot in 2022 and beyond Thu, 08 Sep 2022 07:18:37 +0000

Online games have emerged as a real savior amid pandemic shutdowns when people were isolated and bored at home. The hobby kept them sane and even helped them keep their finances afloat during the tough phase. Unsurprisingly, avid gamers continued to play them through the new normal, even as offices opened and social outings resumed. The trend is here to stay, as online games offer more than entertainment and excitement. More and more people want to join the bandwagon, and those who are already there have valid reasons to stay. Here are a few reasons why online gaming is trending in 2022 and beyond.

Easy access

The best thing about online games is that they are accessible to everyone. You can find several credible and secure platforms on the internet to try your luck with games. All you need is a good internet connection and a device to get started. You can access these platforms using different devices, such as desktops, phones, tablets, and consoles. This means you can play anytime and anywhere, at home and on the go. You even have the chance to compete with like-minded players from all over the world.

Pure convenience

Although the virus is not as big of a threat as it was in the beginning, it still exists. You may even face a hidden fear that another wave or strain may be around the corner. Staying away from crowded sports venues and casinos always makes sense. This is one of the main reasons why online games continue to grow even after the reopening of these sites. Playing from your living room is much more convenient and much safer. You can even treat yourself while on vacation or on the way to work. There couldn’t be a better pastime for staying engaged without visiting crowded places or spending money on transportation.

Simple learning curve

Besides being easily accessible, most online games have a simple learning curve. You can start with a basic beginners option and progress to advanced versions and new games as you learn the ropes and gain confidence. The process is also a breeze as you only need to create an account on the platform to access the role. Most websites, including casinos, have clear instructions for playing, winning and withdrawing funds. You don’t have to worry about missing them or losing your data or money, as long as you choose a reliable platform.

Wide variety

You can expect to be spoiled for choice with online games. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you can experience a wide variety of games. In fact, you can explore every possible genre, from sports and racing to shooting and simulation. Online casinos are ideal for people with minimal skills as they give you a chance to win with lucky streaks. You can even try your luck at a Bitcoin casino if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Playing with Bitcoins is fast, easy and much more lucrative than a fixed currency. You can deposit and withdraw for free, only with free nominal processing on bitcoin transactions.

Socialization opportunity

Since small gatherings are the norm in post-pandemic times, you can’t imagine expanding your social circle as usual. But online games provide valuable socializing opportunities for gamers. You can connect and interact with players from anywhere. You can use headsets and webcams to engage in conversations with other players. You can also share ideas, discuss techniques and improve your gaming experience. It’s even possible to forge lifelong friendships.

Reward Opportunities

Online games are one of the most popular ways to earn money from home. Many players have embraced it as a side hustle amid the pandemic, and some have even embraced it as a full-time career. You can earn a lot of money from this hobby, provided you learn skills such as risk management and fund optimization. Also, you need to master a few games that work for you instead of experimenting too much. Following these rules and tips is enough to generate income. The best part is that you enjoy the activity while earning money. Online games therefore deserve all the praise.

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My online chess addiction was ruining my life. Something had to change | Stuart Kenny Mon, 05 Sep 2022 13:24:00 +0000

PMaybe it was when I missed my bus stop so I could finish a three-minute game of online chess that I realized I had a problem. Or when, instead of getting off at the next stop, I started another game on I certainly had no qualms about completing the resulting half-hour walk, narrowly avoiding streetlights while continuing to line up ill-fated pre-moves against anonymous opponents.

Goof. Resign. New game.

I was addicted to online chess.

I started playing chess in 2019, having only played as a child. I loved the reasoning, the creativity… and of course, the fact that people mistakenly think you’re smart if you play. The problem was that I had no one to play with. When a friend introduced me to online chess, that changed.

I started playing regularly – incredibly regularly – and loved every bit of it. I had planned to join a local club, but lockdown hit, so I got into online gaming.

Learning by losing, I’ve mastered the basics – develop your pieces, mad forward knights, control the center. Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit brought millions more to the servers, and I reveled in beating them with knight pitchforks, discovering attacks and sacrifices. I devoured every episode of The Chess Pit Podcast and became a follower of popular YouTube tutor Gotham Chess.

Chess skill is measured on the Elo rating system. Beginners have an Elo of less than 1200. A club player has an Elo of around 1600, while Grandmasters are rated over 2500. If my rating was close to a round number, for example a ranking of 1500 or 1600, I would delay sleep until I hit the next hundred milestone. But sometimes the milestone never came – and neither did the sleep. I couldn’t stop playing after a win, because one often leads to the other, and I absolutely could not end in defeat.

I was mainly playing blitz, a format where each player gets three minutes per game, and started winning more often due to my opponents running out of time rather than tactical mastery. You can earn a lot of Elo points by running through time – sprinting with a king and two pawns while your furious opponent is chasing you – but that doesn’t really improve your game.

Plus, it attracts more than a few angry messages. An aggrieved, albeit melodramatic, Aussie slipped into my DMs to tell me, “Greed and worthless pursuits are your legacy.” I remain a little worried today that my family may now be cursed.

Bobby Fischer once said that “the chess blitz kills your ideas”, and that’s what happened to me. Blitz was rotting my brain. I wasn’t learning anymore, but I was moving pieces quickly in the hope that my opponent would run out of time – and I was completely losing my attention span. When a game ended, a new one started. Doorbells went unanswered and phone calls were missed due to my inability to multitask while playing these matches. I didn’t like the person online chess made me – online or not.

It was time to change.

One day I noticed nine chess books in the window of a local charity shop. I bought them all and deleted both chess apps from my phone. I would focus on learning, not an arbitrary Elo number. Slowly, learning the Catalan opening theory, the calm and mystique of chess returned.

The reopening of the world also helped. I joined the Edinburgh Chess Club, the second oldest club in the world. My love of chess turned into a love of spending time with my friends and family, catching up on the board, and teaching them the game and the tricks and pitfalls that come with it.

A good friend also caught the chess bug and we played on the set near Water of Leith until the wee hours of one night – a far more sociable event than the dark and drab online alternative.

Like football, chess is a universal language. In Zurich I played best of five against a local on the giant chessboards at Lindenhofplatz, and I did the same in Madrid at El Retiro Park.

I’ve now played over 20,000 games online since 2019, against players from 208 countries, but the on-board connection is meaningful and beautiful, in a way that online chess could never be.

It’s all too easy to get lost in algorithms and forget that the world keeps turning when you’re playing chess, or anything else, online. It’s only when you put the phone down or close the laptop screen that you remember the allure of the real world.

  • Stuart Kenny is a freelance travel journalist and editor

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