Canceled Duke Nukem trailer launches online gaming surfaces

Images of a canceled 2008 Duke Nukem game have appeared online. In the late 2000s, the developer of Borderlands Gearbox was looking to create a game that would have been an origin story for Duke Nukem, hiring animation studio Janimation to create a trailer mockup for Duke Nukem Begins.

The project was ultimately canned due to legal issues with the Duke Nukem franchise at the time, and Gearbox ended Duke Nukem Forever instead after 3D developer Realms spent more than a decade working on the game. .

As for the prequel, the trailer uploaded by host Gregor Punchatz features a game with a third-person shooter, four-player co-op, and a very 2000s haircut for Duke. Duke’s arsenal consists of his usual shotgun and trademark pistol, along with a severed arm and frozen beam weapon as he battles a horde of dirty cops to the sound of Guerrilla. Rage Against the Machine Radio.

While Duke Nukem Forever was critically criticized upon its release, 3D developer Realms left the series after a lawsuit ended with Gearbox claiming to be the rightful owner of the intellectual property. The studio was purchased in 2014 by SDN Invest, moved to Denmark, and began producing games such as Bombshell and Ion Maiden, the latter having to change his name to Ion Fury after the legal team for legendary metal band Iron Maiden got wind of the project. .

Last week, it was announced that 3D Realms had been acquired by Embracer Group alongside several other studios. Embracer also bought Gearbox in February this year for $ 1.3 billion, essentially adding the Duke Nukem IP to its many gaming properties. As for Duke Nukem, his last notable appearance was a flashing cameo and you’ll miss it in the 2018 Ready Player One movie.

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