Bright Memory Infinite Confirms PC Release Date

A new trailer for Bright Memory: Infinite from FYQD, a 2019 game expansion, reveals the release date of the enhanced remake.


With the release of FYQD Infinite light memory Getting closer and closer, the Chinese-developed action game has received numerous trailers showing its fast-paced sci-fi shootouts mixed with stealthy gameplay. Many comparing the game to a mix between first-person shooters and the action of the The devil can cry series, fans have been eagerly awaiting the full-scale remake of the 2019 game. A new trailer from FYQD Personal Studio shows that fans won’t have to wait any longer with a newly confirmed release date.

Luminous memory was first released in 2019 as a mobile-exclusive title before later receiving the PC and Xbox Series X versions. The action game set in the not-so-distant future was developed by a team of ‘one man, Chinese developer Zeng Xiancheng. Instead of developing an Episode 2 for the 2019 mobile game, FYQD and Playism announced in 2020 that Light memory: infinite was in development as a full-scale remake and expansion of the 2019 game. Now fans of Luminous memory have finally learned when they can dive into the “Land of Heaven” again.

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Light memory: infiniteThe latest trailer for is flashy and quick, showing off some of the game’s high-energy, octane shootouts. The trailer features several scenes from the game, ranging from sneaking around enemy encampments to shootouts at the top. of planes in flight and driving sequences filled with explosions. The conclusion of the action-packed trailer reveals that Luminous memory: infiniteThe official release of is not far off, scheduled for PC on November 11.

The flashy action seen in Luminous memory: infiniteThe PC trailer is just the latest in a series of great trailers for the upcoming action game. FYQD has released several trailers for Light memory: infiniteThe improved remake of showing stunning graphics and explosive action from the game’s frenzied shootouts. FYQD also uses the release date to reaffirm fans of the original Luminous memory than players who buy the original Luminous memory will receive a free upgrade to Light memory: infinite when it is released next month.

While the original Luminous memory was only developed by single man FYQD Personal Studio, Playism has confirmed its involvement with Luminous memory: infinite during the game’s reveal in an Inside Xbox Live stream in 2020. Playism, known for helping with several other popular indie titles, helps FYQD in several aspects of Luminous memory: infinitedevelopment, including music and publishing. With the game’s release in just two weeks, fans won’t have to wait much longer to return to the futuristic gun world of Luminous memory: infinite.

Light memory: infinite releases November 11 for PC and Xbox Series X / S.

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