BGMI declares that use of third party apps and plugins with the game will result in permanent ban

The developers at BGMI have warned against cheating in the game.

As perhaps the nation’s premier battle royale game, BGMI has a ton of pressure when it comes to maintaining competitiveness and fairness among players. As competitive gaming and esports begin to gain traction in the country, mobile games like BGMI and other battle royale titles need to make an effort to keep things fair.

For as long as competitive and online multiplayer games have been around, so has cheating and gaining an unfair advantage. Cheating, hacking, or using other third-party apps to gain an advantage not only ruins the gaming experience for everyone else in the session, but also affects the reputation of the game as a whole.

That is why BGMI has made great efforts to limit the use of any kind of third party applications in order to gain unfair advantage.

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BGMI warns players of permanent ban if caught using third-party apps and plugins

BGMI prohibition notice
BGMI developers go to great lengths to combat cheating.

There is nothing more damaging to a game’s reputation and success than a toxic environment that essentially robs players of a fun experience. Cheating can evolve quite quickly from harmless enjoyment online to a game that is virtually unplayable to others, causing the game to disappear.

BGMI is easily one of the most popular games in the country, especially considering how successful its previous iteration PUBG Mobile was. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to Krafton that the game continues to be an attractive prospect for new players and that cheating is a major obstacle to this goal.

PUBG Mobile was able to cultivate a pretty impressive esports scene that saw some of the best players in the country contend for the top spot. BGMI is also likely to fuel the competitive gaming scene in India and having a strong anti-cheat system in place is key.

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