BetRivers launches RushArena tournament engine

BetRivers launches RushArena tournament engine

Rush Street Interactive (RSI), the parent company of online casino and sports betting brands BetRivers, PlaySugarHouse and RushBet, has unveiled its latest gaming innovation, RushArena.

The new development relates to video slot machine games and will allow players to play against each other, in a tournament format. The company’s press release describes RushArena as an “innovative multiplayer tournament engine allowing players to compete head-to-head at their own pace.”

This is not the first time that RSI has deployed this type of new product. The company has enjoyed enormous success in the past with similar innovations for its online bingo games. Now, she brings her experience in the field of video slots.

RushArena will offer “unique and pioneering peer-to-peer promotional games that extend the player experience and provide even more opportunities to win,” he said.

The first chance players will have to experience the new format will be in the RSI RushRace tournament, which the operator will use to present the exclusive features of its latest software.

New pioneering features

Slot tournaments are not a new idea in themselves, and are sometimes even offered in physical casinos, but RushRace has a few unique attributes that set it apart from other tournament formats:

  • Players can join the tournament at any time during the registration window.
  • Tournaments allow players to choose from a wide variety of in-game titles, so that they can select a favorite game rather than being linked to a preselected game.
  • Players can change games throughout the tournament. If they don’t like a game, they can change it to another halfway through the competition.
  • Players with different account balances can compete with each other. Tournaments aren’t all about who has the biggest bankroll – anyone can win.
  • Bet size can be adjusted for strategic reasons.
  • Rankings are updated in real time and can be viewed during the contest.
  • Tournament entries can be obtained using a variety of methods – including by being purchased through the RSI bonus store.

These features will combine to give players a truly new experience and a new way to engage with the video slots format – something that RSI is proud.

The first step of many

Furthermore, RSI indicated that RushArena is just the start of its plans to improve the slot machine gaming experience – and that in the future they seek to develop the platform in order to offer heads-up matches and allow players to compete in mano-a-mano duels.

RSI has a reputation for innovating and engaging with players. In a press release, CEO Richard Schwartz said: “Improving the player experience remains our primary business strategy. “

He continued, “We listen to our customers, and by owning, building and innovating the framework, we can tailor our games to deliver what our casino players, or the information obtained from them, have told us they want. “

“We use these revolutionary game mechanics to create new experiences, which is consistent with our goal of increasing retention, loyalty and business KPIs (key performance indicators). “

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