Albion Online Introduces Elite Tiers With Lands Awakened Update


Level limits in MMO games mean the end of one type of entertainment and the start of a new one. In most MMO games, raising the cap is a way to give players a new goal to achieve, and Albion Online is no different.

Lands Awakened brings dramatically increased renown rewards throughout the game, which players can use to level up their weapon specializations. As an additional fame goal for veteran players, the Doom Board has also been expanded with elite levels:

  • These allow combat specializations to reach level 120.
  • Can be unlocked with Fame Credits and Cash.
  • Increases the maximum possible specialization bonus by 60 item power.
  • New badges appear on equipped items, indicating the level of specialization achieved.

Higher levels, of course, mean a different endgame. As players will have more combat specializations to play with, we can expect non-meta-hunters characters to be more colorful, vibrant, and alive.

Interactive sandbox

Albion Online – Specialized in nervousness

Additionally, since it will take some time to reach the new Elite levels, it means the PvE aspect of the game will experience a revival. Who knows, maybe an addition to the content is also to be expected.

Keep in mind that Lands Awakened will launch on November 24, and shortly thereafter, SandBox will have a final Dev Talk where they will showcase some big UI improvements for uploads, farming, and party invitations. So make sure you stay on top of the most recent developments, so that you don’t miss out on anything that could dramatically change the game and catch you off guard.


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