Akupara Games Will Release A Retro Survival Horror Game Sorry We’re Closed For PC

Akupara Games will publish trendy games– developed retro style survival horror game Sorry, we are closed for computer via Steam when it launches in 2024, the company announced.

Here’s a preview of the game, via Akupara Games:


Sorry we are closed is a nostalgic single-player survival horror game with rich character and lore interactions leading to multiple endings. Follow Michelle’s final days, exploring troubling locations using the environment to hide and survive with clever plans and the demonic gun as your only defense.

With only days of freedom left, Michelle must find answers. Why did a dangerous and powerful demon put a spell on him? And what can she do to save her own precious skin?

Main characteristics

  • surreal environment – Investigate the drama dividing Michelle’s bustling territory.
  • Cryptic characters – Get involved in the lives of curious residents and mysterious demons. Help them (or hinder them!) in their quest for freedom from your untimely demise.
  • Dive into the world of demons – Try to survive in unwelcoming environments. Michelle may not be scared, but she’s still vulnerable.
  • Forge your Spell – Choose who to talk to and where to visit next. With a range of dialogue options, experience multiple endings in the newly revealed world of danger and demons.

Watch a new trailer below.

Publisher Trailer

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