Airborne city builder Airborne Kingdom is coming to Steam

Most city-building games allow you to gradually expand the territory you cover, but Airborne Kingdom takes a different approach: the sky is literally the limit. Rather than buying land, you need to carefully consider the lift you generate in order to keep your colony aloft. This arrives today on Steamand it’s worth checking if you passed it on his Launch of the Epic Games Store.

Airborne Kingdom is a beautifully styled and relaxing game, but there’s a lot of management to do to keep your city flying and growing. Your goal is to reunite a broken kingdom, so in addition to keeping everything balanced and serving the needs of your citizens, you will travel. As you fly over the procedurally generated world, you’ll be able to send scout planes to the surface to collect resources and new townspeople.

The world you fly over looks a lot like the map in HBO’s Game of Thrones intro: everything looks handmade and carved out of wood, while your floating little town seems to run on a combination of clockwork and balloons .

Here is the trailer:

The Airborne Kingdom Steam edition includes updates and DLCs released after launch, so you’ll be able to take on tougher challenges in the New+ and Hard game modes.

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