A week later, Halo Infinite modders are already remaking the game


Halo Infinite may only have been released last week. But Halo modding is an art that dates back decades, and it didn’t take long for modders to unlock 343’s latest creation.

During the first week of the game the modding was quite limited and the game Nexus Modules Page is limited to mods that have realized that you can swap the game’s loading screens for any .mp4 you want. But in recent days, a few more ambitious creations have appeared on Infinite’s battlefields.

Got the impression that Infinite’s warthog is a little underfed? So let me introduce you to GameCheat13’s Tank Hog.

But the real rite of passage for any up-and-coming Halo modder is figuring out how to make the latest Pelican ship variant fully flyable. This week, veteran Halo modder RejectedShotgun has achieved just that – and while he feels it might take a bit of work, he soars beautifully over Infinite’s large team-fighting arenas.

Give him time, and hopefully he finds a way to allow you to use the Pelican to drop something better than a Gungoose for your team. Tank Hog creator GameCheat13 also managed to get the Dropship Banished Ghost working in the game, laying the groundwork for some silly air battles.

It’s still early days for Infinite modding, but it will also pay off to see how 343 responds to these efforts. The studio has actively encouraged modding in the Master Chief Collection, releasing full mod tools for Halos 1-3. But Halo Infinite is a free-to-play live-action game and outside of older exceptions like CS: GO or Space. Legal gray of Apex Legends’ underground mod scene, contemporary F2P games don’t often open up to modders.

The MCC itself launches with the ability to run the game without anti-cheat but with matchmaking disabled, allowing you to play freely with in-game files. We hope that a similar functionality will eventually come to Infinite.

Modding or not, a first spike from Halo Infinite’s awesome Forge Mode suggests fan-made creations will radically transform what Halo Infinite looks like when it arrives next year. But it’s still going to be basically a closed box, and I’m excited to see modders continue to tear up Infinite’s guts and do things the game publisher doesn’t allow.

At the very least, I hope an enterprising modder will wear Yoyorast Island, the best Halo card ever, in Infinite.


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