A history of major Red Dead Online content updates

Thanks to its fully realized world and moving single-player story, it’s safe to say Red Dead Redemption 2 will be remembered as one of the finest experiences of the PS4 and Xbox One era. Rockstar Games has once again proven why it is held in such high regard by the gaming industry and why millions of fans are now clamoring Grand Automatic Flight 6. Arthur Morgan’s story aside, however, the editor red dead online didn’t end so well.


Contrary to GTA: onlinewhich regularly receives new content since 2013, Red Dead Redemption 2Multiplayer is already stopping updates. Some players have already held funerals to commemorate red dead online and his untimely demise. With so many people hanging up their cowboy boots and jodhpurs, it’s a great time to look back at what Rockstar Games has added to the experience over the years.

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The Gun Rush Update

When red dead online Launched in beta form in late 2018, its multiplayer modes performed better in performance compared to games like Great flight online. Thanks to Rockstar’s decision to spread its launch out over several days, most gamers felt the publisher had a clear roadmap in mind. While it’s worth pointing out that it often releases patches containing small activities and has promoted bonus events, most will say that substantial updates have been rare.

To Rockstar Games’ credit, red dead onlineThe first major update landed shortly after the beta rollout ended. The Gun Rush update was released on January 10, 2019. While heavily focused on bug fixes and tweaks, a brand new mode was added to the mix, inspired by battle royales like Apex Legends. Groups of 32 players had to survive in an ever-shrinking corner of the open world. Whichever outlaw endured to the end was declared the winner.

Red Dead Online Beta Update

A little over a month after the release of the Gun Rush update, Rockstar Games has processed red dead onlinefrom the player base to another major content drop. Simply called the Beta Update, on February 26, several improvements were made to the game’s open-world sandbox. While the update lacked quantity, it featured impressive variety. New weapons, clothing, and emotes have all been thrown into the mix alongside new daily challenges and target races.

The May 2019 Update

When red dead onlineThe beta era of has ended, it has received one of its most substantial updates. New clothing, weapons, and challenges have all been well received by fans, along with the ability to play poker in towns like Blackwater and Saint Denis. Its new Overrun Showdown mode, which tasked players with capturing land, also proved to be a fun distraction from the other modes. be able to explore red dead onlineThe open world of being in an offensive or defensive position has also allowed players to express themselves more freely since. By far the most famous addition was new story content, which saw players rub shoulders with characters like Jessica LeClerk and Samson Finch.

Border Pursuit Update

Released on September 10, 2019, the Frontier Pursuits patch and accompanying content drop introduced a series of changes and revisions, in addition to three new breeds of horses. More importantly, it also brought fundamental changes to the title’s gameplay loops. For the first time, red dead online players could build their outlaw around three distinct roles. Called Bounty Hunter, Collector, and Trader, each allowed fans to participate in unique challenges, activities, and progression paths. Provided they were willing to part with a substantial amount of in-game gold, they could then work to unlock special class-based rewards.

It should be pointed out that alongside the Frontier Pursuits update, red dead online also received two other curious additions. It’s no coincidence that the game’s first Outlaw Pass and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club were also introduced around this time. Both allowed players to gradually unlock additional rewards, while completing specific tasks and challenges.

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The Moonshiners Update

The December 2019 Moonshiners update epitomized most of the trends players had seen throughout the year. Players have unlocked access to an assortment of weapons, challenges, and outfit options, as well as a new Outlaw Pass. Output a sound page Grand Theft Auto Playbook, Rockstar Games has also given players the option to purchase property in the multiplayer crime simulator. As the patch title suggested, the Moonshiner role was also added to the mix when the update went live. Provided players progressed enough through the unique Trader class story, they were given the opportunity to turn their outlaw into a specialist. From the purchasable Moonshining Shack, they could run their illegal operation throughout the Wild West while taking on special missions.

The Naturalist Update

Rockstar Games’ recent decision to end its support for red dead online won’t come as a surprise to some fans. Thanks to updates like The Naturalist, which landed in July 2020, the writing has no doubt been on the wall for quite some time. Aside from the usual cavalcade of newbies in weapons and cosmetics, the titular class Role was the only major addition to the cowboy-themed party.

As it concerns red dead onlineThe outlaw roles go though, Rockstar deserves credit for making the naturalist exciting to play. Even though the Naturalist’s missions were inspired by single-player hunting mechanics and features, including legendary animals, he was given access to some unique abilities. Through the Naturalist’s Vitalism Studies, for example, players could take control of the game’s animals, similar to GTA 5.

The Bounty Hunter Update

Unlike the updates that defined red dead onlineIn 2019, there were only two major content updates in its third year on the market. After introducing the aforementioned naturalist, Rockstar Games ended 2020 with another patch in December, known as the Bounty Hunter update. Beyond the launch of Outlaw Pass #4, this small update added 10 prestigious bounty tiers to Bounty Hunter role progression, as well as several new missions.

The Blood Money Update

After making the community wait a year for confirmation, it has been announced that the Blood Money update launching in July 2021 is the last major new content the game will receive. To Rockstar’s credit, red dead onlineThe latest major update added the kind of content that most fans were hoping to see years earlier. New missions centered on Guido Martelli, one of Lemoyne’s underbosses, then introduced new crimes and opportunities to the game’s Free Roam mode, fulfilling long-standing fan demand.

Beyond giving red dead onlineThe open world is an injection of much-needed content, the Blood Money update has also been rounded out with the kind of features fans have been waiting for. Quick Draw Club specifically introduced four Season Passes, which were filled with new and returning items. Most of them, like a Dutch-inspired outfit, were heavily inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 more successful single player mode.

red dead online is available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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