Monthly Archives: October 2021

World War Z will change in November

Saber Interactive has managed to install another demanding game on the Nintendo Switch. World War Z was a pretty good novel (written by Max Brooks, son of Mel) that turned into a good movie (starring Brad Pitt) and then turned into a semi-decent game. Developed by Saber Interactive, the third-person …

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More rumored PlayStation games for PC

Although Sony has taken longer than Microsoft to embrace the PC market, it looks like the PS5 console maker is opening the floodgates and allowing all of its long-protected IP addresses to access the PC platform. Following the announcement of God of War for PC, at least two more PlayStation-PC …

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Aunt bakes a Minecraft spider cake for her niece’s 6th birthday

After wanting to cook something special for her niece’s sixth birthday, an aunt offers a spider-inspired cake from Minecraft. Minecraft celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Since the game’s release, the developers of Mojang have continued to add many new monsters to the procedurally generated world, such as ghosts and …

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