14 of the best survival horror games of all time

In this episode of the Retro Rebel podcast, we talk survival horror games as we break down the best games in the genre for you.

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what we play

Amanda I still play 6 Nimmit, a fun German sequential card game that I’ve grown quite fond of over the past few weeks. I play it for hours at night when the show I’m watching is too boring lol. I recommend playing on Tactics and Professional for the most challenging experience. Tactics reduce the number of cards depending on the number of players, and professional cards can be placed in the front and back of the rows.

holly – It’s been a long time since I came back from the last event of this year of Empire LRP. Profound Decisions has created a family-friendly, highly immersive and interactive LARP.

There are 10 nations to choose from, each with their own style and culture. You can completely organize your own character, with class (or multi-class) options, what resources you receive and if you choose to take the field – what heroic abilities you want to use.

My character Neala is a member of the Navarr nation, who is a priest/doctor so I get involved in the political side of the game. I also work in the field hospital to treat our fighters once they return from battle through the Sentinel Gate. There are so many ways to play, with each class/nation bringing their own unique challenges and opportunities each season.

Strength to the Empire, Strength to Navarre!

14 of the best survival horror games of all time

We are creating our own list again – go for it! And today we’re talking survival horror and I’m joined by superfan Holly to bring you the best games in the genre. Do you agree? Comments below!

Holly’s List

  1. Resident Evil Franchise – Highlight: ER 1 1996, ER 2 1998RE 4 2005, RE 7 VR 2017, Remake 2015, Remake 2 2019, Remake 4 planned 2023
  2. Dino Crisis – Playstation, Dreamcast 1999
  3. Silent Hill – PS1 1999
  4. The Evil Within –PS4 2014
  5. Death Stranding – PS4 2019
  6. deadly premonition – Xbox 360 2010 / PS3 directors cut 2013
  7. zombie – PS4 2015 (originally ZombiU on Wii U 2012)
  8. PT – PS4 2014 (not an actual game but a playable teaser of now canceled Silent Hills. Influenced new horror games such as Resident Evil Village)

Amanda’s List

I’m not a big fan of survival horror – I’m too scared. So my list is much smaller, I’m sorry.

  1. left for dead, Xbox 360, 2008 – Sure, it’s multiplayer, but it’s an awesome survival horror game.
  2. dying light, Xbox One, 2015 – Zombie Parkour! This is the best and scariest survival horror game I’ve played.
  3. alien isolation, Xbox One, 2014 – Yes, yes, I haven’t played much but it was so good it scared the crap out of me.
  4. dead spaceXbox 360, 2008 – The monsters are truly grotesque and I remember not being able to play it one night because I had panicked too much.
  5. BioshockXbox 360, 2007 – Listen, the internet classifies this as survival horror, so I have to put it in, could you please forgive me?
  6. We are happy someXbox One, 2018 – drugs are bad mmmmkkkk… this indie horror darling is so unique that I made it part of my MDN campaign.

Our hosts

Amanda Fox cut his teeth on his dad’s old Tandy before graduating to SNES and beyond. An accomplished guild leader in multiple titles and a sucker for console RPGs. Amanda spends most of her free time with a bit of technology in her hands. With a life philosophy derived from a Spock quote and more passport stamps than shoes; she’s a nerd who has traveled a lot with the desire to pontificate.

holly is a disabled person who has spent the majority of his life playing games. Growing up in hospital due to childhood cancer, the classic console game brought escapism and joy to a difficult situation. Still a Sega lover at heart, as shown by their collection of classic consoles, the crown jewel of which is the Dreamcast they bought with their very first salary. Still a console player (PS4), he is a fan of J-RPGs and obsessed with Kojima’s games, especially the Metal Gear saga, to the point of getting a Foxhound tattoo. For Holly, Ludens is their life. Holly’s social networks are Twitter: @HollyDspoonieme and PSN: Tiny_Caska.

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