10 Reasons The Hitman Devs Are Perfect For A Bond Game

IO Interactive is best known as the developer of the Hitman franchise, which has remained popular for over two decades and is notably a hit series in the spy genre. The company has now taken the lead in developing a james bond title, tentatively titled Project 007.

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The developer’s experience with the Hitman prior games and titles will play for the benefit of IO Interactive. There are several reasons why IO Interactive is the best choice to bring the beloved James Bond into the gaming universe, ranging from level design to the similarities between Agent 47 and Bond.

IO Interactive emphasizes mission settings

Hitman 3 night

the james bond The series has rich settings that provide plenty of depth in every scene, ranging from the elite parties that Bond infiltrates to the villain’s lairs. IO Interactive is known for creating memorable places in the Hitman series that have a multitude of possibilities in the gameplay.

Whether it’s placing secret passages in each location or using the environment to carry out assassinations, the Hitman the backdrops in the series have it all. This kind of accent will serve the james bond play well because players will really know what it’s like to be a secret agent on a spy mission.

IO Interactive injects similar bonding humor into dialogue

Agent 47 with a gun in his hand in Hitman

the Hitman the games may be about completing assassinations, but there is also a lot of humor in it. Agent 47 is known for his dry personality and has a tendency to hurl sarcastic remarks when in disguise. Of course the james bond The series is famous for its puns and one-liners, so there’s a bit of familiarity between the two.

IO Interactive’s penchant for humor will do justice to the james bond style that fans have come to expect. 007 has a history of shedding light on life-threatening situations and IO Interactive is sure to incorporate this as they have already proven their skill in this regard.

Hitman missions are comparable to experience 007

Agent 47 in a tuxedo in Hitman

One of the things that Hitman the movies got it wrong compared to the games is that they didn’t adapt the same feel of the source material. IO Interactive has the opposite task, in that they will take a series of movies and turn it into a video game experience, which is a challenge in itself.

However, the Hitman franchise already has an atmosphere comparable to james bond. Bond traditionally covers his identity to carry out clandestine missions, usually in disguise and with a number of different targets. the Hitman The series also has all of these aspects in its favor, so IO Interactive already has a foot in the door where to bring the james bond series to life is concerned.

IO Interactive has previous experience in different genres

kane and lynch poster

IO Interactive is far from a unique game studio and has created different games of different genres. These include third person shooters freedom fighters and the Kane and Lynch titles, to go with the action-adventure Mini Ninjas – and the Hitman Stealth games are the crown jewel of IO Interactive.

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With experience in a slew of titles, IO Interactive is ready to take the james bond IP too. After all, the game will need to have stealth elements, shooting mechanics, and an action-adventure feel, all of which have been covered by the developers in their previous games.

Agent 47’s Brooding Style Can Be Adapted To James Bond

Hitman Trilogy announced, will be included with Xbox Game Pass

There’s a distinct class and suaveness to James Bond that actors like Daniel Craig have nailed. The spy is usually brooding, sarcastic, and straight to the point in his demeanor. While IO Interactive has kept Agent 47 much quieter in its attitude, its finer points are similar to those of James Bond.

IO Interactive only needs to tweak the Hitman formula a little to arrive at the james bond presentation of things. Bond already behaves with the same confidence and determination as 47, and the developers only need to add the qualities of the spy to make the game work.

IO Interactive can surprise players with mysterious characters in the gameplay

The Constant looks angry in Hitman 2

Although there are several disguises in the Hitman games that help players achieve their goals, some characters tend to show that 47 is unprepared. These characters are usually rival assassins, leading to a match between 47 and an enemy with a similar skill set.

james bond the movies have had moments along the same lines where Bond finds himself surrounded by enemies. This level of mystery in new characters with unknown allegiances will work very well in a james bond game because fans will have to stay quick on their feet for an unexpected attack – luckily IO Interactive has created such scenarios before and can easily adapt to this in the james bond universe.

IO Interactive has a history of listening to fan reception

Agent 47 aims a gun in Hitman

With such a long cinematic history, james bond has millions of fans who want the game to be done right. They don’t have to worry about developers ignoring their wishlists, as IO Interactive has a history of taking fan reception into consideration when creating their games.

It was better seen afterwards hitman absolution, which was criticized for its linear design and grindhouse style which fans did not appreciate. Developers responded with 2016 Hitmanwhich was a stark contrast to Absolution and had an open presentation with a particular focus on its spy theme, just as fans had requested.

IO Interactive has taken a unique spin on the open-world genre

Agent 47 in Sapienza in Hitman

We do not know if the james bond the game will have an open world, and some might even doubt that is possible. The same was said about the Hitman series until IO Interactive managed to spin the genre by having every mission in the “World of Assassination” trilogy take place in a self-contained open world.

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It will be very interesting if the james bond The title has a similar context, as fans will have full control of Bond without the limitations of linear level design. In any event, the execution by IO Interactive of the Hitman open world proves that it is capable of creating another unique style suitable for the james bond theme.

Hitman 3’s final mission is like a prequel to a James Bond game

Agent 47 next to a train in Hitman 3

The last mission in Hitman 3 takes place on a high-speed train where Agent 47 must eliminate a number of henchmen before reaching the main villain. It looks like a model of a james bond climax of the film, where the protagonist is still dealing with something similar.

So IO Interactive has already provided a slice of what james bond fans can expect in the gameplay. The Mission is notable for its blistering pace and the way 47 rolls through the opposition. Bond is notable for having the same execution in his climactic encounters, so IO Interactive started off encouraging.

IO Interactive creates cutscenes with a cinematic style that will favor a James Bond story

hitman 2 agent 47

Few games in the current landscape have a cinematic feel, as the focus has shifted to in-game cutscenes that are indistinguishable from gameplay. IO Interactive has stuck to the classic style, reminiscent of movies – cutscenes split into story sequences independent of gameplay.

This mode of presentation is suitable james bond because fans of the series are primarily drawn from the film franchise – resemblance to the films is important in connecting fans to the games. IO Interactive just have to stick with the formula they had for the Hitman series and cinematic quality will shine for the james bond Title.

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